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Halloween Events Overview (Week of 23rd September 2019)

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Monday 23rd September 2019


Halloween season is about to start this week for us here at Theme Park Guide, as many events start for the season. However, there are that many events running throughout the season, it is hard to keep track of them all!

Here is a rundown of all of the Halloween events we are visiting this week so you have some idea what to expect when we cover them here:

Thorpe Park Fright Nights (26th September):

The Home of Fear has invited us down to experience everything the Fright Night event has to offer. This includes the five scare mazes, as well as new shows and experiencing some of the rides in the dark. We are mostly looking forward to Creek Freak Massacre, tagged as the most intense maze that Thorpe Park has ever created. 

We will be broadcasting whilst at the event over on our Live Blogs on Thursday 26th September from 6:30 pm so you can see our reactions as they happen:

Thorpe Park Fright Nights runs on select nights from 28th September - 3rd November.

Xtreme Scream Park (27th September):

With only a short time to recover from the previous night's events, we will be heading to Twinlakes Park in Melton Mowbray for one of our favourite events. Xtreme Scream Park is quite possibly, one of the strangest locations for a Scream Park, as, by day, this is a place for children to have a laugh and have a good time, by night, however, when the night sets in, the park becomes a home to all manner of creepy individuals. With five scare mazes, all of which returning from last year, and a brand new Big Top circus tent show this year, it will be great to get back to Xtreme Scream Park for some of the best scare mazes in the UK and it will be interesting to see what this new show entails.

We will be broadcasting whilst at the event over on our Live Blogs on Friday 27th September from 7:00 pm so you can see our reactions as they happen:

Xtreme Scream Park runs on select nights from 27th September - 31st October

National Justice Museum - Fright Nights (28th September):

Our final UK event this week is at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham where something wicked is on its way... We are to be taken back to the year 1827, Body-snatchers have been ransacking graves, however, in the depths of the County Gaol, a surgeon has been making "medical adjustments" to the inmates.

We don't know much about this event, apart from it being listed as an 18+ Intense experience and lasting around 40 minutes but we are looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for us...

Due to the nature of this event, we will be reviewing this event on our website shortly after visiting the event.

Fright Nights at the National Justice Museum runs every other Saturday (as well as Halloween night) from 28th September until the 16th November.

Universal Studios Orlando (28th September):

Over the pond, members of the Theme Park Guide are currently in Orlando, Florida experiencing the many parks and attractions there, whilst also experiencing the Halloween festivities too. One of the biggest events of the theme park calendar is Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Orlando, which is currently celebrating its 29th year of fear! The event boasts ten scare mazes and five scare zones featuring original stories as well as those based on popular movies, some of which this year include Ghostbusters and Stranger Things.

We will be reviewing this event on our website after visiting the event.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando runs on select nights from 6th September - 2nd November

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