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Thursday 21st March 2019

Towers Trading has never looked better at Alton Towers! Over the closed season, the park has spent a lot of time and money giving the sweets section of the Towers Trading shop a makeover. Looking like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate factory the shop is almost unrecognizable. 

Tuesday 19th March 2019

Europa Park has confirmed on their social media channels that the rapids ride Fjord-rafting will reopen with the rest of the park at the start of the summer 2019 theme park season. The ride was closed shortly after the fire that destroyed Pirates in Batavia and the area around it.

Sunday 17th March 2019

The Alton Towers website has been updated with more information about the new Dungeons attraction. Just like the other Dungeons sites, the website has been updated with the route you will take through the attraction. Starting with The Judge and finishing with The Haunting.

Saturday 16th March 2019

Legoland Windsor has reopened its doors to begin the 2019 theme park season. New for 2019 at the park is The Haunted House Monster Party, however, this new addition to the park line up doesn’t open until 13th April 2019. 

Friday 15th March 2019

We’re now weeks away from the attraction opening to the public, Haunted House Monster party is looking very close to completion! With the queue line and ride signage started to be finished.

Saturday 9th March 2019

Some of the goblins previously seen inside the old Hocus Pocus Hall attraction where auctioned off this morning at Chessington. Guests were invited to participate in a silent auction in the center of the park Adventure Point.

Friday 1st March 2019

Alton Towers is set to expand CBeebies Land in 2019 with a children’s duel drop tower ride called Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop and a new show called Teletubbies Big Band Live Show (from April). 

Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop

Wednesday 27th February 2019

Its crunch time at Thorpe Park, the rides have been stripped down for winter checks and have been reassembled. Staff have started training on the finished rides with some not quite ready yet.

Tuesday 26th February 2019

Work is continuing around Chessington to prepare the resort for the main theme park season which is due to start on the 10th March 2019.

Monday 25th February 2019

For the past few years, the Explorer Carpark at Chessington has caused many issues when it rains or the weather has been partially bad. From cars getting stuck and needing to be pulled free by tractors and generally not being the best place to park your car.