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Adventure Land
Haunted House Monster Party5 Minutes
LEGO® Studios 4D0 Minutes
Minifigure Speedway5 Minutes
Sky RiderClosed
DUPLO Valley
Drench TowersClosed
DUPLO® Airport5 Minutes
DUPLO® Dino Coaster5 Minutes
DUPLO® Express5 Minutes
DUPLO® Valley TheatreClosed
Fairy Tale Brook5 Minutes
Raft Racers5 Minutes
Heartlake City
Autumn's Riding Adventure5 Minutes
LEGOLAND® Express5 Minutes
Return to Skeleton Bay!0 Minutes
Kingdom of the Pharaohs
Aero Nomad5 Minutes
Desert Chase5 Minutes
Laser Raiders10 Minutes
Scarab Bouncers5 Minutes
Thunder Blazer5 Minutes
Knights Kingdom
Dragon's Apprentice15 Minutes
Merlin's Challenge5 Minutes
The Dragon5 Minutes
Lego City
Balloon School5 Minutes
Coastguard HQ5 Minutes
Fire Academy5 Minutes
L-Drivers5 Minutes
LEGO® City Deep Sea AdventureClosed
LEGO® City Driving School5 Minutes
Monster Jam Live Show!Closed
Fire & Ice Freefall5 Minutes
Flight of the Sky Lion10 Minutes
Hydra's Challenge10 Minutes
Ninjago World
Destiny's Bounty5 Minutes
LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride5 Minutes
Pirate Shores
Jolly Rocker5 Minutes
Pirate Falls Treasure Quest5 Minutes
Spinning Spider5 Minutes
Land of the Vikings
Viking River SplashClosed
Monster StreetClosed