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Blair Witch

Thorpe Park
2013 - 2019


In 2019, the Blair Witch Project celebrates its 20th anniversary. So it’s time to return to the cursed Black Hills forest near Burkittsville, Maryland… if you’re feeling brave enough. Take on this extreme maze for an undeniably immersive experience, leading you deep within the iconic horror film. Join the search in BLAIR WITCH at Thorpe Park FRIGHT NIGHTS.

Venture deep into the terrifying wilderness and battle the elements as you fight to take on the evil that lurks beyond the darkness. As you’ll know from the lore of the Blair Witch, you must remember: never spend the night; never look in her eyes; never turn away from the corner. Unlike those famous film students in the haunted woods, you won’t have a camera to record where you are. So if you get lost, no one will know! 

The doors to the Blair Witch extreme maze open at dusk, when the woods around Thorpe Park Resort sink into darkness. When you know there’s something evil hiding in the woods, dare you enter after nightfall?