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Creek Freak Massacre

Thorpe Park
2019 - 2022

How much wood would a wood chop chop if a wood chop could chop YOU? 

The old abandoned Creek Woods Saw Mill is no haunted house attraction - it’s home to a real life family of deranged lumberjacks. Tread carefully through the forest, or you may find yourself falling victim to the latest chainsaw massacre!

As they hack their way through the woods, these Creek freaks are armed with chainsaws and a thirst for gore.. In this extreme scare maze experience, a quick death is actually the merciful way to go. With chainsaw-wielding lumberjacks on the loose, only time will tell who will survive, and what will be left of them…

If you’re looking for a maze that scares you, we mean truly terrifies you, this extreme maze experience is set to be the most intense scare maze in the UK.  Brand new for 2019, this is no scary maze game… this is the ultimate Halloween maze attraction. Brace yourself and prepare for the worst as you take on the gruesome chainsaw massacre madness that lies within Creek Freak Massacre. We’re done playing scary games - this is the most extreme Thorpe Park scare maze ever opened!



Creek Freak Massacre is back for 2021, after taking a year off due to covid 19 we were ready to be chased down by chainsaws once again. Not much has changed in this maze but the acting was top notch as always. So many intense sciences with actors in your face, the interactions are always incredible.  The soundtrack, once again, adds so much to the maze, especially the strobe section. We always love a chainsaw ending and this maze does not disappoint. 


Creek Freak Massacre is back for its final year and it's your last chance to visit the buckwheats and experience the sawmill. It’s time for the final cut, Project Exodus looms over Old Town and the buckwheats aren’t going down without a fight. Our first run-through of Creek Freak Massacre left us in awe of the attraction, everyone had so much energy and we were shocked at how many actors were waiting for us inside, and we won't talk about how many chainsaws were inside!  If you turned a corner and there wasn't a chainsaw, something was wrong! We counted 4 chainsaws in total during our run-throughs, with some of them being used in areas of the attraction we've never seen them used before!! (Be aware on other nights there has only been 1 or two seen but they have been changed to electric chainsaws, this may be due a fault somewhere). A clever nod to the new rollercoaster project was done during the preshow for the maze, where the Buckwheats mentioned the project and anyone who smiled or agreed with it was immediately sent down the ‘Rotten Wood’ section. It will be sad to see this maze close, but the park has definitely sent this maze out with a big bang!