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Creek Freak Massacre BTS

Thorpe Park
2019 - 2022
Behind The Scenes

Codenamed Project Korn, Creek Freak Massacre is a maze located in the old Loggers Leap ride station. New for 2019, the maze was unfortunately closed for 2020 due to coronavirus. However, with restrictions lifted slightly during the 2021 season the maze can reopen following a few changes inside. Nothing major has changed inside the maze however a few more ventilation shafts have been installed. 

Starting in the pre-showroom where you are met by one of the sawmill workers, some of the photos on the side are photos of people involved in the design and making of the attraction. With the house lights on, you can see queue line fences from the old loggers leap ride are still there, but now holding up the exterior walls. This is visible in the first corridor of the attraction. Down the first corridor, there are sliding panels that actors can use to scare guests, however, these have never been used. Just like in the tunnel there are places where actors can touch guests but have not been used outside of press nights. 

Due to operational reasons, the "spinning axe" in the room where someone is beneath the table has been removed however, this has been replaced with a chainsaw. Which we think works better! Old theming from Saw Alive has also been recycled into this attraction, and some of the cogs from the old Saw maze have been installed on the roof of this scene.

When the Loggers Leap station was converted into the maze, the trough for the old log flume ride was covered over, meaning the trough is still underneath. Loggers Leap is yet to be removed at all, the hoist system to remove boats is still installed and the control panel for the ride is still installed. No photos were allowed in the old op booth but there's a cool old-school Mack Rides plaque on the panel. Towards the final section of the maze, a new fence has been installed to stop guests from just walking out, now guests will walk around the last scene before being chased out by a chainsaw. 

The end scene of Creek Freak Massacre is the old on-ride photos booth, behind the new walls installed for the maze, all of the boards where your photo would be displayed on a screen remain. An interesting fact we never knew before is that for every chainsaw in a maze there has to be at least one backup for each chainsaw in use.