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Mardi Gras Parade 2022

Thorpe Park
Live Action Show & Mardi Gras

Join the Mardi Gras party and celebrate with the Royals and the Krewes in the Mardi Gras Parade! Featuring a float and a parading of the Krewes around the park. This light-hearted parade lasts around 25 minutes in total but will pass by you in 3 minutes if you stand watching it from one spot. Featuring music, dancing and a lot of glitter and energy. The parade starts at the marquee and depth charge and travels into the Angry Birds area then loops around Pizza Pasta to return back to the marquee area. Announcements around the parade route tell you when the parade is due to start, the route can also be seen on the mardi gras mini-guide. We thought enjoyed the parade and feel that it has a lot of future potential. We think that if it was more spaced out the parade could be double the length. The number of actors doing the parade was huge and there was so much energy and love behind it all. Although this might not be as easy to do, we would love to see the music in the area change to the parade music instead of speakers on the floats just playing it. We also absolutely love the new mardi gras car/float, we can see this vehicle getting reused a lot over the next few months at the park. Could we possibly see a Fright Nights parade at the start of the day?