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Rapid Rhymer

Thorpe Park

The Crowning of the Krewes is a live singing and dancing competition where the crowd decides who wins! The competition is strong Nemesina, Rift Racer, Aqueous and Rapid Rhymer will be relying on you. Whoever gets the loudest cheer at the end gets crowned King or Queen of Mardi Gras. This 10-minute show is great, full of singing and dancing and a tune we can't get out of our heads. One thing we found very clever was how the park managed to change the lyrics of one of the songs to facts about Stealth. The song Shut Up and Drive was adapted from "0-60 in 3.5" to "0-80 in 2.3". We absolutely loved this show, the costumes, songs and guest interaction was amazing. We cant wait to see this show progress over the next few years if they do more Mardi Gras events.