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The Passing

Thorpe Park

The Passing was Thorpe Parks first attempt at a paid uncharge attraction, lasting just one year.

The slogan for the attraction was “It begins with death” and was priced at £3 per entry. 

“As one of the darkest and twisted criminals to wreak havoc upon society, you are being tried, tested and sentenced to death. And that’s just the beginning of your suffering as the after-life will demand you brave the unknown horrors of The Passing in order to reach your final resting place.

Are you ready for your judgement day? As murderers, arsonists and kidnappers you must be brought to justice and pay for your crimes with your life. No one will escape The Passing and as you struggle for your last breath in this world, your nightmare will begin in the next.

As one of the dead you will be bagged and tagged, ready to face up to your own burial. Experience suffocating terror as you lay trapped in your own body, surrounded by the stench of fear with only your guilt for company.

The echoes of those who you have hurt will ring in your ears as you stumble through the after-life in search of salvation. Will you reach redemption and finally rest in peace or will you be left to rot deep underground for all eternity?”