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Adventure Tree Carousel Water Effects
Friday 30th June 2017
Water effects on the adventure tree carousel at Chessington have returned after being turned on previously then turned off for a long period of time. Water trickles down vines on the side of he ride and come out of the mouth of a lion on the side of the tree and from a big water wheel on the side. A nice little feature, not something we've seen on a carousel before! 

Hopefully the water effects are maintained well over the next few years. Merlin seems to have a reputation for not maintaining effects on rides after they open.

Adventure tree carousel opens
Saturday 1st April 2017
Although the adventure tree carousel was supposed to open last weekend on Sunday today the ride has opened to the public. With a message posted on social media the park announced the ride was finally open.

Two weeks into the main season the park has all rides open and operational including the new gruffalo ride. Chessington seem to be on top of maintenance and all of there projects this year. Good work guys. The adventure tree carousel looks amazing as well! 


Chessington Adventure Tree Animals Arrive
Saturday 18th March 2017
After a small delay, the animals for the new carousel in adventure Point have arrived and have been fitted to the ride. Just like the concept art on the construction walls all of the vehicles for the carousel are themed to animals rather than the traditional carousel horses etc. 

Work looks to have also turned to building the queue line and starting to re-pave the area around it. It looks like it might not be long until the Adventure Tree opens to guests now!

Work on adventure tree continues into the season
Saturday 11th March 2017
Work on building the new carousel at Chessington looks set to continue into the main theme park season,  no animals/vehicle are on the carousel yet and with the ride still needing to be tested, we might be looking at a May/June opening date for the new attraction. 

Work on adventure tree continues
Sunday 5th March 2017
Today is the friends and family day of the 2017 season at Chessington and it gives us our first look at the new carousel called Adventure Tree. The ride isn't ready for the start of the season however with the park fully open again, we. can get a great view of the attraction at every angle! With the construction fences still standing the view remains the same since our last update. There's no sign yet of the ride testing or being opened any time soon. 

First Look At The Adventure Tree Carousel
Sunday 19th February 2017
We haven't seen any recent photos of the adventure tree at Chessington until today and were amazed at the progress that's happened since our last visit to the park! Since our last look, the carousel has been built and theming has been placed on top. The huge new carousel looks like a scaled-down clone of the tree of life form Animal Kingdom at Disneyworld. No sign of any vehicles/animals for the ride yet. 

Chessington Adventure Tree New for 2017
Thursday 22nd December 2016
News of the old carousel at chessington being removed was kept very top secret up until the point plans for a new carousel located in market square where made public back in the summer of 2016. However today we have a name for the new carousel.

The Chessington Adventure Tree will be located in the centre of Market Square. Instead of to traditional horses the ride will feature animals such as Capybaras and Lions. One big change in the new carousel is the fact its disabled friendly. Sunk into the ground wheelchairs can get on and off without any issues.