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Thorpe Park Announce Closure Of Angry Birds Land
Monday 30th October 2023
Thorpe Park has announced on the Annual Passholders Group that Angry Birds Land will be leaving the resort and will be replaced with something "colourful and vibrant" for 2024!

"Big news!  It's your last chance to visit Angry Birds Land tomorrow! And the last public showing of Angry Birds 4D Experience will be at 5pm

After 10 action-packed years, the Angry Birds are taking flight from Thorpe Park. The removal of Angry Birds land will make way for an equally vibrant brand-new land which will be coming to Thorpe Park in 2024.

2024 is shaping up to be quite the year for us! What theme would you like to see the new areas transformed into?"

Angry Birds Land Opens With Red Carpet Premiere
Tuesday 27th May 2014
Stars and fans of global phenomena Angry Birds flocked to THORPE PARK Resort this week to celebrate the opening of the Park’s brand new ANGRY BIRDS LAND.

The official premiere screening event - hosted by DJ and Angry Birds enthusiast Sara Cox - was attended by a flock of over 300 feathered fans as high-tech special effects and rumbling chairs catapulted the audience through a fast-paced adventure featuring the Angry Birds attempts to get their precious eggs back from the dastardly King Pig.

Jonathan Ross and Amy Willerton took a spin on King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems while Gaby Roslin, Tina Hobley and Louise Adams brought their families along to enjoy the colourful theming and fun of the new land – including character ‘beak and greets’ with RED bird.

The amazing new ANGRY BIRDS LAND nested on 24 May at THORPE PARK Resort, and promises a world first experience for families and fans of all ages of the feathered flocks and piggy characters.

Angry Birds Land Preparing to nest on 24 May
Monday 12th May 2014
The amazing new Angry Birds themed land is preparing to nest on 24 May at THORPE PARK Resort, promising a world first experience for families and fans of all ages of the feathered flocks and piggy characters.

Bringing the Angry Birds world alive, THORPE PARK Resort will premiere the world’s first ANGRY BIRDS 4D Experience. Sit back and enjoy high tech movie theatre surrounding and be part of the action as rumbling chairs catapult you through a fast-paced adventure as the Angry Birds attempt to get their precious eggs back from the dastardly King Pig. Timed air gusts, water jets, leg ticklers, flashing lights, bubbles and smoke blasts will be sure to get pulses racing from start to finish!

It doesn’t finish there; the new land also features the much loved Angry Birds characters coming home to roost on Detonator: Bombs Away – the Resort’s 100ft rapid drop tower ride - while ‘Red Bird’ and the ‘Bad Piggies’ go bump to bump on a brand new dodgems attraction, alongside themed retail and catering outlets.
Work Continues Around Angry Birds Land
Saturday 3rd May 2014
Consturction workaround Angry Birds Land at Thorpe Park continues with the foundation still ride less where the new dodgems ride will end up and the outside of the new 4D theatre looks completed with the building now freshly painted. The old Pirates 4D and Time Voyagers pirate mast still stands tall for now. We expect this will be removed closer to the opening of the area. 

Vinyls Added To Buildings In Angry Birds Land
Friday 18th April 2014
Vinyl sticker panels have been added to one of the builds within Angry Birds Land. There's still no sign of any other theming however we expect that over the next few days more and more panels will be installed on the building around the area. 

Angry Birds Land Construction Update
Saturday 29th March 2014
The repainting of buildings around Amity continues with the old Amity Shop building currently in the process of being turned green. The foundations for the dodgems ride also appear to be complete, with it being a travelling ride it shouldn't take long for it to be installed and ready for guests. The Detonator ride entrance has also had some work done to it, to prepare for the name change a new entrance portal has been built, with a temporary banner for the old Detonator ride still remaining. 

Angry birds construction update
Friday 14th March 2014
Angry birds is coming to Thorpe Park are you ready! So we all know Angry birds is coming to Thorpe Park this may but how is it looking so far? The park have started painting the area with some parts currently half done its looking to be a very interesting year for Thorpe Park with a new target audience along with a new press team. The park is going back into the family market which means the park could see a lot of attention over the next few years. Detonator is currently open but will be closed for a week prior to the new land opening in May. The dodgems is yet to be built however the floor for the building as been down for a while now so it shouldn't be long until we start to see some vertical construction. We shall keep you updated on Angry Birds land when more information comes to light.

Angry Birds Land coming to Thorpe Park
Wednesday 8th January 2014
Thorpe Park has teamed up with Rovio entertainment to premiere the worlds first Angry Birds 4D experience to the UK. Scheduled to open May 2014 at the resort the area will birng a brand new 4D cinerma to the resort and a new dodgems ride. The 4D movie will be devloped by Rovio and 4D animators 3DBA and will last for 10 minutes.

Mark Fisher, chief development officer for Merlin Entertainments, said: "We are very excited to be working with Rovio and we see this as a long term strategic partnership with great benefits to both parties". Rovio's director of location based entertainment, Dan Mitchell, added: "It's great to be teaming up with Merlin Entertainments and Thorpe Park resort, and we hope this will be just the first of many projects together". 2014 will mark the start of Thorpe Park changing its market from a thrill seekers back to the family market.