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New Azteca Arcade Opens
Saturday 14th April 2018
Recently built, the new Azteca Arcade has now opened to the public. Before the arcade was built between the two hotels there was only a small one in the original Safari Hotel which only had space for a few game machines and was tucked out the way. What’s unique about this arcade when compared to the arcades in the Alton towers hotel is that it carries on the hotel theme with artwork painted on the walls around the games.

Azteca Hotel Update - 9th August 2014
Saturday 9th August 2014
Opening in 2 days time Azteca looks completed from the outside! All of the groundworks and signs have been installed and completed. The outside of the hotel looks the same as the main hotel but we expect the inside will look completely different! 

Azteca opens in 21 days
Sunday 20th July 2014
Over at Chessington World Of Adventures its all hands to the deck as the new Azteca hotel is set to open in 21 days on August 11th 2014. The Safari hotel has had a new carpet fitted on the ground floor from the Safari bar and grill to the bar area, the reception desk on the ground floor has been given a refresh to match the new hotel theme. The hotel shop that used to be across from reception has turned into a mini check in desk and the shop has been relocated next to the bar entrance. The old hotel is expected to have a fair amount of work done to it in the next few upcoming weeks.

Over at the new hotel the block brick paving looks to have started outside the bar / restaurant area, with the walk way to amazu being constructed. To get from the main hotel to Azteca it looks like you can take the balcony walk or use the outside route which looks to be going from the bar area in the Safari hotel into a side door near the new bar area. With Amazu being open late for hotel guests its currently unclear if this new hotel with have entertainment during the evenings.

The photos below show a water feature being constructed outside the bar / restraint at the Azteca hotel, also on the photos we can see that there is going to be a big entrance feature on the round about outside the Safari hotel. We don't currently know what it is going to be but were guessing its going to be an animal holding signage for the hotels.

Azteca hotel construction update
Sunday 29th June 2014
Opening Summer 2014 is Chessington’s brand new hotel Azteca. The hotel looks to be almost finished with a few bits yet to be finished such as the bar entrance and the tunnel leading from the Safari hotel to Azteca. The new hotel will feature a brand new bar, 69 theme rooms and a savannah splash zone. We plan to stay at the hotel in the near future so we will update our Chessington Hotel page on the website with the new hotel as soon as we can. The proposed opening date of Azteca is August 14th 2014. This date has been taken from the Chessington website on 29th June 2014. Photos copyright to theme park guide.

Azteca Hotel Update - 4th May 2014
Sunday 4th May 2014
The roof for Azteca is now installed and work will now continue to theme the outside of the hotel to make to look the same as the main Chessington hotel. 

Azteca Hotel Update - 19th April 2014
Saturday 19th April 2014
Work on installing the roof continues and work seems to be progressing well on the new hotel.

Azteca Hotel Update - 30th March 2014
Sunday 30th March 2014
Riding Safari Skyway we get a great view of the front of the Azteca hotel. The roof is currently being installed and everything looks great. We can just about see where one of the bars will be at the bottom of the hotel.

Azteca Hotel Update - 15th March 2014
Saturday 15th March 2014
One month since our last visit to the park, and the hotel is almost fully built! Previously we could only see the ground floor of the new hotel built but now all 4 floors have been built and when looking through the gaps we can already see rooms starting to come together. A large bridge will soon be installed to connect the two Chessington hotels together. 

Azteca Hotel Update - 23rd February 2014
Sunday 23rd February 2014
The small pool of the old Chessington hotel is set to be extended under the new hotel expansion plans. At the moment, nothing exciting can be seen here. However, a photo opportunity advertising the new hotel has been installed near the work site. 

Azteca Hotel Update - 15th February 2014
Saturday 15th February 2014
Foundations for the new Azteca hotel have been completed and the first floor has been built with the floor installed ready for the next level to be built. Fitting together like one giant puzzle, this hotel will go up very fast. Looking to the left we can already see the full height of the hotel.