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Cbeebies Land opens
Wednesday 28th May 2014
CBeebies Land has now opened at Alton Towers. After some of the old farmyard being shut early last year ready for its big retime this year the land has now fully reopened to the public and with an amazing new theme! Merlin and the BBC have teamed up to bring CBeebies Land to the UK bringing many children's TV shows to life such as post man pat, music in the night garden and many more!

We attended the open day of the land and thought its looking very good. Although the land is aimed at the younger visitors of Alton Towers we found ourselves very impressed with the area. The new shows where the ice tent used to be are shown every half an hour as show by the show times photo below. During the weekend we filmed to videos, one of the new post man pat ride and the other the upgraded squirrel nutty ride which has been renamed and rethemed into the get set go tree top adventure ride. Both of these videos can be found below, overall the area is looking very good and we can wait to see whats next at Alton Towers.

CBeebies Land March Construction Update
Thursday 20th March 2014
CBeebies Land is starting to come together nicely, with new fences being built everywhere and new leaves added to the old entrance sign trees. Since our previous update at the start of the Feb half term event, all of the scaffolding has also come down to reveal the new facade of many buildings. 

CBeebies Land Feb Half Term 2014 Update
Thursday 20th February 2014
Work continues to rebuild Storybook Land and retheme the whole area into a new theme, Cbeebies Land! With today being the first day of the Feb half term event, we get our first glimpse of some of the work that's been going on over the closed season such as the book worm being removed and the repainting and renovation of Squirrel Nutty, The old Tractors ride, and the whole area receiving a much-needed makeover. 

Cbeebies Land micro site
Monday 6th January 2014
On May 24th 2014 Alton Towers will open CBeebies Land new for 2014 a full retime of the story book area and the Old McDonalds Farm land. For the past few days the park have been releasing more and more information about the area but finally the cbeebies land mini site has been updated to show all of the re-themed rides and experiences. On the homepage of the website it says the following:

Click here to goto the CBeebies land mini site.

“In May 2014, Alton Towers Resort will launch the first ever CBeebies Land. Home to a range of unique themed rides, attractions and live entertainment, CBeebies Land will be a completely immersive experience for children and young families to create new experiences and inspire learning through play.

For the first time, CBeebies viewers will be able to step right into their world. A place that's full of nourishing, real adventures. Come and play…”

Cbeebies Land opening date confirmed
Friday 27th December 2013
Following last years problems with the Smiler not opening on time it looks like Merlin and Alton Towers don’t want to set a date on the new Cbeebies land opening. However on a recently updated page on the Alton Towers website at the very bottom of the page it says “Opens May 24th 2014!” The Alton Towers mini site for the area still remains blank with just a email and name slot for email updates when more news becomes available. We shall update you when more news comes available on more 2014 new attractions. 

Alton Towers Resort to launch world’s first CBeebies Land
Tuesday 15th October 2013
Alton Towers Resort to launch world’s first ever CBeebies Land as Merlin and BBC Worldwide link up

Alton Towers Resort is to launch the world’s first ever CBeebies Land, bringing some of the most-loved children’s characters to Britain’s number one theme park. Opening in May 2014, the Land will be home to a unique range of themed rides, attractions and live entertainment and will be a completely immersive and interactive world for children and young families.

The planned 5 acre site within Alton Towers Resort will offer plenty of opportunities for little ones to interact with some of their favourite characters and TV shows. CBeebies Land will include rides, immersive play areas, live experiences, character appearances and will be a safe and fun environment for pre-schoolers to play and learn. CBeebies Land will create experiences that inspire children with bright ideas, provide hands-on learning experiences, encourage pre-schoolers to explore and understand more about themselves and put a smile on the face of everyone who visits.

The area will be updated frequently with new content, while a seasonal programme of events will run alongside the main attractions ensuring that no two visits to CBeebies Land will be the same.

Marcus Arthur, Managing Director UK at BBC Worldwide says, “CBeebies Land will be a fun and exciting way for children and adults to immerse themselves in and explore the CBeebies environment and to enjoy their favourite characters. BBC Worldwide is delighted to be working with Merlin, and this very special development at one of Britain’s best loved theme park resorts is a great beginning.”

Katherine Duckworth, Alton Towers Resort, adds, “Alton Towers Resort is all about providing memorable experiences for our guests.   CBeebies Land will be aimed primarily at families with pre-school children and is designed to spark their imaginations, and to get them and their families playing together and really involved with the characters - so is a perfect fit for us. Providing new adventures is at the heart of Alton Towers Resort and we are hugely excited to be the first to work with the BBC as part of this exciting new partnership.  I have no doubt that CBeebies Land will add a different and original element to the already fantastic offering we have for young families, making Alton Towers Resort the ideal destination for day trips and short breaks.”

CBeebies Land opens at the Alton Towers Resort in May 2014. Visit for more information.