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Explorer Gate Refurbishment Almost Finished
Friday 27th May 2022
The Explorer Gate refurbishment is inching closer and closer to being finished every time we visit! Since our last visit to the park the area has been fully opened up with old buildings removed, fresh tarmac laid and we can finally see how big this entrance is. 

Outside the entrance gates is a brand new ticket unit/shipping container. Over the next few weeks, we expect that this will be themed and fully opened. Meanwhile, inside the park, the relocated shop is still being worked on and isn't open to guests just yet. We did see lots of staff putting items inside the unit so it might not be long. The big green fences that used to line the way between the entrance and the consitrction site next door have also been removed giving us a birds eye view of the huge building site. But thats another news article. 

A nice little touch is a photo point at the entrance of the park, if you look closely your notice the suitcase has stickers on it of rides from around the park. 


Explorer Gate Entrance Refurbishment Makes Huge Progress
Sunday 15th May 2022
3 months into the theme park season and work on the Explorer Gate refurbishment and makeover is continuing. A new entrance feature into the entrance plaza has recently been fitted, with a huge new truck and the Rhino topiary installed next to it. This fresh take on this entrance makes for a great first impression of the park. With Mardi Grrra starting in a few weeks, the statues in the area have been given a makeover with some new signs added, along with some giant beads hanging from their necks. 

Around the plaza, speakers have been installed, playing background music and new fences have been installed lining the area. Could these huge green fences be removed over the next few weeks? With the Explorer Gate entrance being on the side of an active construction site (Project Amazon), we expect that if the green walls do come down, a new tarp would be installed onto it to stop dust and for safety purposes. 

No work seems to have started yet on the new bag check area or the canopy, but we're sure everything will be done and finished ready for the busy summer season. 

Lodge Gate Refurbishment Continues
Sunday 24th April 2022
The refurbishment of the Lodge Gate car park entrance continues at Chessington, the turnstile gates are now fully installed. When fully staffed this entrance is going to have great throughputs! Some new theming has also been installed since our last visit to the park, a giant Rhino topiary has been installed in an area currently cornered off. We expect that when the entrance is complete guests will be able to take photos with this Rhino. 

The shop has also been relocated to the side of the entrance. Although not open yet we expect it will be open again very soon with staff going in and out of it during our visit. 

Chessington Lodge Gate Retheme Continues
Monday 11th April 2022
Work on the Lodge Gate refresh continues, with new entrance gates installed and the new entrance plaza starting to take shape. Two new topiaries have been installed in the new plaza area, making for a great first impression of the resort. At the entrance gate into the ticket and toilets area, the two posts that used to hold a Chessington sign have been wrapped in some grass-like material, other changes since our last visit are the shipping container shop has been removed and stored in the car park.  

Once completed this new entrance area will host a permanent security/bag check area and new entrance turnstiles. 

Lodge Gate Retheme Progress
Saturday 26th March 2022
Now the park has been given approval on plans to refresh the Lodge Gate, heavy construction can now begin! Work on the retheme has already begun with the canopy covering the turnstiles being removed along with most of the entrance turnstiles! 

Only five turnstiles remain on the righthand side of the old canopy. Foundations for the new entrance canopy appear to be already made with metal bars poking out of the ground ready for a big new structure to be installed. 

Capacity at the entrance has now definitely been reduced but when this entrance is refreshed it should be better than ever.  

Plans For Lodge Gate Retheme Approved
Friday 25th March 2022
Chessington has been given the green light to officially start work on the Lodge Gate retheme! 

Over the next few weeks works on the entrance gate will ramp up and we should hopefully see this new entrance ready and open for the busy summer season. 
Work Begins Lodge Gate Retheme
Saturday 12th March 2022
It's the first day of the season and it's the first time we've been able to see what the park have been up to during the closed season. Green fences have been installed along one side of the Lodge Gate and it would appear the park have started work early on the retheme of the lodge gate entrance. The old ticket booths and queue line have been removed and a temporary fence has been installed whilst the park sprinkles a bit of magic on the area. 

Chessington Submit Plans To Retheme Old Lodge Gate
Monday 24th January 2022
Chessington has applied for planning permission to change the layout and look of the Lodge Gate park entrance. The park would like to install a new entrance canopy, refresh the area and install a permanent security/baggage check area. This would definitely improve the guest's first impressions of the park, as this entrance area has started to look a bit dated over the past few years. 

The description for the planning application says: 

"Demolition of existing cabin, kiosks and erection of single storey ticket kiosk, entry gate structure, security structure, container shop. Reconfiguration of existing southern pedestrian entrance and associated landscaping"

Planning reference: 22/00193/FUL