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Elmers Flying Jumbos Completed
Thursday 18th June 2020
During the closed period due to coronavirus, Chessington has been able to finish. Elmers Flying Jumbos and install a large patchwork elephant in the middle of the ride and put a green cover over some of the rides hardware. 

Elmer's Flying Jumbos Open
Saturday 14th March 2020
Elmer's Flying Jumbos Ride has opened today at Chessington! Previewing to guests on Services Day the attraction is now open. Although a little unfinished we believe more theming will be added over the next few weeks. Including a large patch work elephant in the middle of the ride. 

Elmer's Flying Jumbos Update 29th Feb
Saturday 29th February 2020
Elmer's Flying Jumbos looks to be progressing nicely, we believe the ride has been testing over the past few days. The operator's booth for the ride has been painted a bright red colour, some theming has been added around the area and speakers have been installed. Push buttons to make the ride go up and down have also been reinstalled for the ride. 

Elephants Reinstalled On The Ride
Sunday 16th February 2020
Elmer’s Flying Jumbos has rapidly progressed since our look at the ride, the repainted ride cars have been reinstalled and have never looked better! The elephants have been repainted into bright colours, with there coats repainted into patch work like Elmer has. The ride doesn’t look like its begun testing yet but it looks almost ready and we expect that it will be open for the Annual Pass Day. The centerpiece for the ride is yet to be seen. From the promo art work it looks like the centre of the ride will have a large patchwork Elmer on it.  

Main Hardware For Elmer's Flying Jumbos Installed
Sunday 26th January 2020
Since our last look at the attraction, the main centre of the ride has been reinstalled with cables and two of the arms for the ride installed. Motors, hydraulic cylinders and more arms for the ride can be spotted around the area. However, the repainted cars for the ride are yet to be seen. Two cabins have also been installed in the area, one for the operators booth and the other for the rides PLC’s and ride hardware. Fence posts have also been installed behind the ride, for the rides queue line and boundary fence. Red, green, blue and yellow fence posts can be seen sat on the side ready to make the area more colourful, matching the rides new IP.

Elmer's Flying Jumbos Ride
Thursday 2nd January 2020
The relocation of the Flying Jumbos has been a mystery for the past few months at Chessington World of Adventures. However, in a leaked post on the internet, the retheme of the flying jumbos has been confirmed to be themed around the popular kid's book Elmer published by Penguin Books. 

Andersen Press has unveiled ambitious marketing and PR plans for David McKee’s Elmer in 2020, building on the incredible successes of Elmer’s 30th anniversary in 2019.

The headline activity will be a partnership with Chessington World of Adventures Resort, on the creation of Elmer’s Flying Jumbos – the first-ever Elmer themed ride. Due to open in spring 2020 as part of a four-year partnership, more details about how the Surrey Resort will be bringing the patchwork elephant to life are set to be announced in the New Year.

”We’re delighted to be bringing to life another children’s book here at the Resort and introduce the first-ever Elmer themed ride,” said Joanna Teasdale, marketing director at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. “Elmer is a natural fit for us here at ‘Britain’s Wildest Adventure’ and we can’t wait to see families enjoy the patchwork elephant’s story in a brand new way.”

New Foundations For Flying Jumbos
Monday 30th December 2019
With the closure of Rameses Revenge this year, it's replacement ride, a mini drop tower, will require the Flying Jumbos to be relocated again. This time, the ride looks to be installed in Adventure point where the old park carousel was a few years ago.