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LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel Officially Opens
Sunday 25th March 2012
The Legoland Hotel at Legoland Windsor has officially opened to the public today! With 6 different types of themed rooms to choose from guests are spoilt for choice. Picking between, Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure, Premium Pirate, Premium Kingdom and Premium Adventure.

Located where Jungle Coaster once stood the hotel complex features a swimming pool exclusive for hotel guests, bricks restaurant ( a buffet) and the Skyline Bar, both on the 2nd floor. For security, only guests staying at the hotel can gain entry and you require a room card to use the stairs or elevators. 

Legoland Hotel models arrive
Monday 28th November 2011
The Legoland hotel has started to get its huge lego models for the hotel fitted. In the hotel its looks like were going to have around 8 big models, the first lego model we get a glimce of is the huge lego dragon which is in the towers which over looks the lake towards the show area. Now its currently known if this model is going to have smoke effects like the one in the knights kingdoms does on the the dragon ride. If the model does have these effects and the other models have similar effects then this hotel could possibly be epic.

Legoland Hotel Update
Sunday 2nd October 2011
Its been way over a month since we've visited Legoland and given you all a hotel build update and today we finally got around to getting an update. Today we can see that 3 huge vents themed as Lego have been put onto the roof of the hotel and at the other end of the hotel where the lifts are going to go 2 bits of Lego theming put on the end where the metal looks to be hiding in. Overall not much as changed since our last visit but overall the vents would have taken the most time because they are very big. Also, people can now book to stay in the hotel via Legoland's website which costs around £190 per night with breakfast we think. However, this update is nothing major just odd little bits going on around the Legoland hotel site.

Legoland Hotel Construction Update - 30th July 2011
Tuesday 30th August 2011
Work on theming the outside of the hotel has begun. Bricks look to be being installed around the ground floors with panel framework installed around the rest of the hotel. Although covered in scaffolding currently, it looks great! 

Legoland Hotel Construction Update - 24th July 2011
Sunday 24th July 2011
Windows have now been installed, making the building watertight. The roof now looks complete meaning work on theming the inside of the huge hotel can begin. 

Legoland Hotel Construction Update - 16th July 2011
Friday 15th July 2011
Since our last look at The Legoland Hotel, more of the entrance canopy into the park has been built and the roof on the hotel has started to be installed. 

More metal framework has been installed down one side of the building, we suspect this is for a fire escape. Hopefully, this is themed to fit in with the hotel. 

Legoland Hotel Construction Update - 29th May 2011
Sunday 29th May 2011
Work on building the first hotel at Legoland Windsor has begun! The main structure for the hotel is up and we can really see how large this hotel is going to be when complete. 

Signs around the construction site give guests a preview of what it will look like when completed. 

The hotel is due to open in 2012.