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Penguin Bay Opens To Guests At Chessington World of Adventures
Saturday 21st March 2015
Penguin Bay has officially opened at Chessington World of Adventures and the new enclosure is beautiful. Featuring a penguin walkthrough you have the chance to walk among the penguins in a small section of the front of the main tank. We love the new penguin enclosure the use of bright colours and the huge plane in the middle of the enclosure makes for great photos when the penguins decide to jump on top and jump into the water! 

Penguin Bay Nears Completion
Saturday 21st February 2015
As the 2015 theme park season gets closer and closer the new penguin bay animal enclosure looks almost complete! The revamped penguin enclosure looks stunning and we cant wait to see the penguins move in and start to explore the enclosure. Since our last look at the construction site, the pillars around the windows have been themed and more theming has been added inside the enclosure. 

Windows Installed At Penguin Bay
Sunday 8th February 2015
In this weeks look at Penguin Bay, glass windows have been installed along the sides of the new enclosure. We expect the steal elements of them to be themed over the next few weeks. A large wooden boat has also been built at the back of the site, giving guests a tiered view over the enclosure. 

Ground Works Continue For Penguin Bay
Friday 2nd January 2015
Chessington has announced that 2015 will be the year of the penguins at the park! We now have official news that the enclosure will be undergoing a huge makeover. Groundworks continue throughout the constriction site and some sections of walls have been installed with a gap for what we expect will become keepers access into the enclosure. We can also already see part of the shape for the new enclosure with it being easily double the size of the last one! We cant wait to see the new penguins enclosure! 

Chessington 2015 Year of the Penguins
Sunday 14th December 2014
Dive into the Year of the Penguins at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in 2015, where DreamWorks Penguins of Madagascar descend for an exclusive live show, a newly themed penguin ride provides fun and games in the park’s Africa land and Humboldt penguins frolic in a brand new walk-through experience! And that’s not all - guests at the Resort Hotels can even sleep in special DreamWorks Penguins of Madagascar themed bedrooms at the Chessington Safari Hotel as Britain’s Wildest Adventure takes on the penguin challenge.

Chessington’s resident penguins are taking on a mission on their own as they are introduced to some brand new friends in their new, walk-through enclosure. Penguin Cove has been transformed to feature a new, larger viewing area and covered seating where guests can watch interactive feeding sessions and talks. In addition, the brand new walk-through feature allows guests to come up close and personal with our Humboldt penguins in a safe and fun environment.

Chessington Refurbishes Penguin Enclosure
Sunday 23rd November 2014
Chessington looks set to refurbish the old Penguin enclosure located near the hotel entrance of the park. No plans or promotional material can yet be seen but the park has been giving all animal enclosures around the park some TLC over the past few months. 

The old Penguin enclosure has been demolished over the past few weeks and the animals have been moved to another section of the park during the reconstruction period.