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Blue Barnacle Officially Opens
Wednesday 14th April 2021
Blue Barnacle has officially opened to guests this afternoon, the park reopened on Monday however Blue Barnacle remained closed. We presume this was due to the cold weather. 

Since our last visit to the park, the ride has been finished with new signs added, the queue repainted and new items of theming added around the ride area. The water around the ride has also been dyed blue to fit in with the name Blue Barnacle. 

Blue Barnacle Boat Arrives
Saturday 5th December 2020
The Blue Barnacle has finally arrived at Chessington! After being advertised to open for the 2020 season, the attraction was delayed due to unknown reasons. However, a few months later than planned, the pirate ship has been lifted into place and other parts for the ride are sat ready to be installed over the next few weeks. 

The Blue Barnacle ship is bigger than The Black Buccaneer, this new model has 2 extra rows than the previous ship. However, the back row requires you to walk past the second to back to get to it! The colour scheme is very different compared to the last pirate ship at Chessington. With bright and bold colours, the ship looks very American! The framework for the ride has a white/bamboo colour scheme which will make it stand out. 

We look forward to seeing the ride when it is testing and open to guests!

Foundations For New Pirate Ship Ready
Thursday 18th June 2020
Over in Pirates Cove, The Blue Barncillle has progressed slowly. All of the foundations for the ride are complete, however, with the ride possibly shipping from another country, the ride might now be delayed until later in the season or the 2021 season. Fences can be seen placed around the new footers for the ride and a new queue line has been constructed around the ride's footprint. 


Project Pirate Ship Is Go
Saturday 29th February 2020
Construction work on Project Pirate ship is continuing, work on the footers is still ongoing with footers almost ready for concrete to be poured into them, the metalwork is all ready to go but we expect the park will wait until all of the holes are ready then pour them in one day. A digger can also be seen in the rides pit digging out space for what we expect is some new landscaping to the area.  

New Foundations For Project Pirate Ship
Sunday 16th February 2020
Project Pirate Ship is a go! Work on new foundations for a pirate ship has begun, the old Black Buccaneer ride is no more. Concrete footers have been placed in three corners of the ride area and we expect the ride will open around mid-April / May time. The park has started a competition to rename the ride on there social media channels. We just hope this new pirate ship will be as intense as the old one was. 


Chessington Prepares For 2020 Season
Monday 30th December 2019
During the 2019 theme park season, the Black Buccancer was removed due to unknown issues. However, it would appear that the park are stripping out the console of the old pirate ship, ready to install a brand new system ready for the 2020 season. 

Black Buccaneer to return for 2020
Wednesday 24th July 2019
Chessington announced earlier this year that Black buccaneer wouldn’t be reopening for the 2019 season and that the attraction had set sail on a journey. With the addition of Beach & Bounce for the summer season new signs have been added around the Black Buccaneer ride saying the attraction is closed for 2019, could this be a sign that the ride might be back for the 2020 theme park season? Or will a brand new Pirate Ship be sailing in.

Black Buccaneer Closes Forever
Wednesday 8th May 2019
After 30 years of being operational at Chessington, Black Buccaneer has dropped its sail for the last time. The ride didn’t actually open for the 2019 theme park season after no work had been done to the ride rumors started to circulate that the ride wouldn’t be returning. After a few weeks of the park being open and the rumors going around today the park confirmed the ride had closed and wouldn’t be opening this year. 

With the location of the ride being a large plot of land we expect this space will be used up by a rollercoaster in the next few years. Well.... we can at least hope so!