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Vikingløp Opens At Rulantica
Thursday 9th February 2023
Racing on the slides: ‘Vikingløp’ opens in the Rulantica water world

Since 8th February 2023, it’s all about ‘On your mats, get set, splash’! Chief Juror of Miss Germany Bruce Darnell, alongside the candidates for this year's competition, ceremoniously opened the ‘Vikingløp’ racing slide in the Rulantica water world. Eight guests at a time can now slide down a total of 1,500 metres of slides on mats, making ‘Vikingløp’ the largest slide of this type in Europe.

The new highlight in the new ‘Nordiskturn’ area is the ‘Vikingløp’ racing slide, built on a sparkling gemstone mine. After climbing the 30-metre-high ‘Nordiskturn’, a total of eight tube slides are available for visitors looking for the chance to race against each other. As they go down headfirst on mats, every second counts, as only one will be first over the finish line, where they can be cheered on by spectators in the grandstand. Visitors are also able to see their competition during the slide itself.

“With ‘Nordiskturn’ and ‘Vikingløp’, we are very proud to now be opening the third slide tower, as well as the largest and most complex expansion of the indoor area of the Rulantica water world to date. We have thus been able to expand our year-round offering in a very attractive way," says Roland Mack, owner of Europa-Park. At 7,700 square metres, the slide tower not only offers plenty of water fun for guests aged ten and over, but also gives visitors the opportunity to stay and relax, with over 400 loungers and two F&B facilities.

Rulantica Officially Opens
Thursday 28th November 2019
The 28th November marked the official opening for the highly anticipated ‘Rulantica – the new water world at Europa-Park’. Consisting of 450,000 Square meters (including areas for expansion), and including a whopping 17 water slides this Scandinavian-style water adventure world is guaranteed to provide a fantastic day out for the family.

After just 26 months of construction the waterpark has been officially opened to the public by the Mack family. Located next to ‘Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel’ which is a new hotel that was built and opened in 2019 as part of the expansion. The project is the biggest single investment in the Mack company’s history, and paves the way for future investment with new areas and slides in the coming years. Rulantica has brought 300 new staff members to the team and even allowed the use of innovative technologies such as the solar-powered carport, expected to generate around 1.1 million kWh annually.

Rulantica, is more than just a name for the waterpark. Developed by MackMedia, an entire story has been created. This mystical Nordic island, Rulantica is used as the setting for the waterpark. Within the story you are introduced to Snorri, an octopus character. Snorri can be seen within the waterpark and also in Europa park on the ride Snorri Touren, a ride based around the character himself. The story of Rulantica is being released as a two part novel, with the first part available to purchase now. (Currently only printed in german)

With the newly built waterpark now open, guests now have a reason to visit Europa Park during the closed season when the main theme park is closed. Rulantica is open all year round 10am-10pm with the exception of 25th December when its closed. (check the website for details or any other planned closures) The water park can operate at a capacity of 3500 people at any one time, and ticket reservations are recommended and can be purchased online. Day ticket prices start from €38.50 for Adults and €35.50 for children aged 4-11 (kids under 4 are free to enter). If you don't want to spend all day in the waterpark, evening tickets are also available at €35.50 for Adults and €32.50  for children aged 4-11 ( kids under 4 are free to enter).For more information visit the Europa Park website.

The new water park Rulantica is built next to the ‘Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel’ and is connected via a link bridge. Guests staying in any of the Europa Park Hotel get access into the waterpark from 9am each morning. A complimentary Shuttle bus operates between Hotel Krønasår and the other Europa park hotels, so no need to walk! 

The waterpark is split into nine different sections/settings, all are expertly themed to what can typically be seen around the Europe Park Theme Park. Each area offers a Nordic Theme designed to capture the imagination of the visitors attending the waterpark. Here is a look at the different settings, and what's included within then:  

Vinterhal Area

Gigantic glacier mountain

Svalgur’ frozen sea snake

‘Isbrekker’: Two ‘Shotgun Fall’-type slides, where guests swoosh down and take a free fall from a height of 1.5 metres into the water at the end. (min. 8 years, min. 125cm)

‘Vinter Rytt’: ‘Tornado Wave’-type; guests glide up an almost vertical wall in tyres accommodating up to four people. (min. 10 years, min. 125cm)

‘Svalgur Rytt’: The rafting slide can accommodate up to four people in one tyre. Oodles of serpentine curves promise plenty of action for the whole family. (min. 10 years, min. 110cm)

‘Stormvind’: The ride starts rapidly in the breathtaking slide’s double tyres, taking visitors into a huge whirlpool that sucks them into the abyss. (min. 10 years, min. 110cm)

‘Två Fall’: In the tube slide, two guests are whooshed around the many curves in one tyre. (min. 6 years, min. 110cm)*


Trølldal Area

large water playground for the youngest guests

shallow pools

climbing and playing facilities

Schabernakker’: exciting double slide for the youngest visitors (3 – 12 years, min. 110cm)*

Tommelplums’ and ‘Kullerbuller’: lovingly designed children’s slides (3 – 12 years, 95 – 150cm)*


Rangnakor Area

city on stilts belonging to the inhabitants of Rulantica

Eight exclusive and custom-designed ‘Komfort Hyddas’; refuge for up to four people with a magnificent view of Rulantica; can be booked for a surcharge

Eight ‘Komfort Sofas’: Ideal refuge for two people in the middle of the indoor water world; can be booked for surcharge

‘Skål Bar’: Cocktails and refreshments with a breathtaking view of Rulantica

‘Snekkjas’ self-service restaurant: Snacks and little delicacies at the foot of the city on stilts with a spacious outdoor terrace

‘Dugdrob & Vildfål’: The two AquaRocket slides ensure maximum thrill. A bottom flap opens and the guest takes a free fall. (min. 12 years)

‘Odinrås’ –‘Hugin’ & ‘Munin’: Two adjacent slide tunnels with tight bends allow visitors to face off against each other in double tyres. (min. 8 years, min. 125cm)


Vildstrøm Area

‘Vildstrøm’: rapids in the outdoor area of Rulantica in a Nordic landscape (min. 8 years, min. 125cm)**


Frigg Tempel Area

‘Frigg Tempel’: large heated outdoor pool

‘Tempel Krog’ swim-up bar: delicious refreshments in the outdoor area of Rulantica*


Snorri’s Saga Area

‘Snorri’s Saga’: A cosy indoor canal flows through the water adventure world; guests float through Rulantica lying on a tyre ring.


Skip Beach Area

adventure pool with sailing ship, steamboat, slides and obstacle course

‘Överstor’: The whole family can plunge into the cool water together on the wide slide. (min. 6 years)

‘Översnabb’: Adventurous visitors slide into the pool from the deck of the steamer. (min. 6 years)

‘Översnurra’: The tube slide is just the right thing for young swimmers. (min. 6 years)

‘Hoppablad’: Here, visitors can demonstrate their skills by walking across the water on movable elements.

‘Vågstycke’: A stranded steamer for curious explorers

‘Nordstjernan’: The sunken three-master vessel invites adventurers to explore.


Skog Lagoon Area

‘Skog Lagoon’: A peaceful oasis featuring bubble loungers, whirlpool and small waterfalls

‘Skogbar’ swim-up bar: Cocktails and delicious refreshments in the middle of the lagoon



colourful grotto and waterfall

‘Surf Fjørd’: Large wave pool in the heart of Rulantica

‘Lumålunda’ self-service restaurant: Feasting on the restaurant terrace at ‘Surf Fjørd’.

‘Snorri’s Grotta’ shop: Here’s where you can find the perfect souvenir to take back home.


* under 8 years only under the supervision of a parent or guardian

** shorter than 125cm and without swimming badge only under the supervision of an adult

Rulantica July 2019 Update
Friday 26th July 2019
The countdown has begun and it isn’t long until Rulantica opens at Europa Park. Opening on 28th November 2019, Europa Park doesn’t have long until the huge waterpark opens to the public and press. The multiple million pound waterpark has already started testing some of the attractions such as the lazy river and recently one of the water slides with human test subjects. Over the past week all of the water slides have been completed and sections of the exterior of the water have started to be themed and CCTV installed outside.

The two water fountains outside the entrance for Rulantica have also begun testing. The mermaids on the sides of one of the water features shoot water from both the mouths and clams of the mermaids and the large water source of Rulantica has water trickling down from the top. Looking the same as the one in the musical inside the park.

Looking inside the water park when its dark outside, you can see more elements such as a large TV screen towards the back. The wave pool and a large beach hut. We can’t wait to see Rulantica completed. When chatting to some staff about the area they said there expecting the outside to be completed by the end of September. So it sounds like guests will be able to walk right up close before Rulantica officially opens.

June 2019 Rulantica Update
Friday 7th June 2019
Work is continuing at Europa Park to get Rulantica ready for it's official opening November 28th, 2019. Featuring 25 thrilling attractions and a poolside bar, the water park is the biggest investment into the Europa Park portfolio ever seen.

On 27th May 2019 the park officially opened the hotel Krønasår which sits opposite Rulantica, with the hotel fully open it allowed us to get a much closer look at some of the construction currently taking place. Due to the size and nature of the Rulantica project different aspects of the waterpark are taking shape daily. During our stay teams were hard at work installing sound systems whilst others were working on other areas of the waterpark.

Although nothing can be seen within the inside of the water park, when taking the shuttle bus too and from hotel Krønasår you get a quick glance inside the large glass fronted building. On different occasions we spotted the slide construction and internal theming starting to appear with Scandinavian styled trees being placed within the complex.

The main entrance to Rulantica is also taking shape where an impressive water feature has been installed.The entrance to Rulantica for hotel guests will be exclusively via the link bridge directly connected to hotel Krønasår, with normal day guests entering via the main entrance below.

With just 173 days to go, there's still a lot of work to be done before the water park opens to the public. But we can’t wait to see how the final finished project will look!

Vildstrøm in Rulantica Testing
Thursday 6th June 2019
It’s may still be 173 days until Rulantica officially opens at Europa Park, but new milestones are being achieved by the day. 

The waterparks outdoor thrilling white water river called Vildstrøm, had its first test with water yesterday. The outdoor rapids look to be very similar to what we have in the uk at Centre Parks, With a long and complex layout of tight turns and fast corners guaranteed to provide some fast paced action. Although the new expansion doesn't open until 28th November this year, the park has started testing certain elements. This testing process is likely to be one of many, to ensure that guests receive the best experience when visiting Rulantica. 

Tweeted from the Europa Park Rulantica account earlier: 

Water march! Today we have filled "Vildstrøm," the rousing wild stream of #Rulantica, with water for the first time. Good news:  Everything went smoothly!

Europa-Park Officially Opens Krønasår – The Museum Hotel
Friday 24th May 2019
Today marks another historic day for the Mack Family with the official opening of Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel. This 4* superior hotel is the sixth Europa-Park hotel to join the already impressive line-up. Hotel Krønasår is themed in the style of a natural history museum with a nordic ambience, in order to create this the Mack family have devoted time and effort into the design and styling of every single aspect of the hotel. Covering a total area of 30,981m² and consisting of 7 floors, Krønasår has a total of 276 themed rooms available, and 28 stylish suites for guests to enjoy after a long day in the theme park. Each room has been designed right down to the last detail, and will ensure guest get to experience the mysterious place that is Hotel Krønasår.

In the entrance area of the hotel guests will get a firsthand look at ‘Svalgur’ the sea serpent skeleton, who is suspended from the roof of the building. This centerpiece is a snapshot of the theming and design work that has gone into making the hotel what it is today.The opening of Hotel Krønasår is a crucial part of the resorts extension, from 28th November 2019 Rulantica the parks new waterpark will open to the public. The waterpark is directly linked to Hotel Krønasår via a walkway and forms part of the story created by MackMedia about the legendary island Rulantica.

Food And Drink Offerings At the Hotel

With the opening of Hotel Krønasår comes a new selection of restaurants and facilities for guest to enjoy. ‘Tre Krønen’ a fine dining restaurant offers 360 tables (including inside and out) as well as exclusive ‘Chef’s tables’ for up to 20 people where you get the chance to view the kitchen and chefs at work. Another restaurant within the hotel is Bubba Svens. In the style of an old boat house this over 900 seater restaurant has seating inside and out and offers food for the whole family to enjoy. For the adults amongst us a two story bar ‘Bar Erikssøn’ awaits, in the style of Nordic discoverer again offers both seating inside and out. This is the perfect place to wind down and enjoy your evening.

The opening of Hotel Krønasår has expanded Europa Parks total hotel capacity to 5,800 beds and has introduced 250 new jobs. The list of facilities available at the hotel are endless from electric charging, to ‘Vineta’ a 260 person function room available to hire. To ensure guests can get from the hotel to the theme park a shuttle bus service is available. This service directly links Hotel Krønasår to the other resort hotels, this service is available from early morning till late evening every 15-30 minutes.

Hotel Krønasår is open to guests from 31st May 2019

All Information and media has been provided by Europa Park

Rulantica Opening Date Confirmed
Wednesday 27th March 2019
Europa Park has announced via their website that the huge waterpark called Rulantica will be opening on 28th November 2019. Costing 38.50 euro per adult and 35.50 euro per child the water park features 25 thrilling attraction that promise plenty of water fun and an unforgettable adventure for the whole family.

The new water world will be open for you all year round. A shuttle bus will connect Krønasår with the other Europa-Park hotels. Hotel guests of Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel have a direct access to the water park. In the 32,600 square metre indoor area, water lovers can expect nine exciting Nordic-themed areas.

Admission into the water world can only be guaranteed with prior reservation for a specific day of visit. More information about the online booking will follow shortly.

Upon availability there may be tickets available at the cashier on the day for an extra charge.

Admission tickets to Europa-Park do not entitle you to enter the water world.

Additional information about VIP cabanas, swimming rules and offers will follow shortly.

Rulantica Water Park Construction Continues
Monday 22nd October 2018
Work on the new waterpark called Rulantica and the new 276 room hotel Kronasar is well underway at Europa Park in Germany. Opening in 2019 the hotel is now available to pre-book with the waterpark opening later in the year. 

The large beams that line the roof of the waterpark have been installed and it would now appear work is turning to waterproof the building. Towards the right-hand side of the building, a metal structure has started to be installed which will soon become the end wall and enclose the building.  

Placed to the side of the construction site, slides of various shapes, colour and sizes can be seen ready to install over the next few months. Other basic items look to have been started to be installed, in a few of the photos air-con and lights can already be seen installed. 

One thing that shocked us is the sheer scale of the hotel and waterpark until you see it in person or compare it to a small object you don’t realise how big the waterpark and hotel will be. We look forward to seeing the project all completed next year!