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Scorpion Express Opens To Guests
Saturday 15th March 2014
Scorpion Express has officially opened to the public! Today is the annual pass day where pass holders can preview what's new for the 2014 season and to our surprise Scorpion Express was ready for guests! 

The retheme of The Runaway Mine Train is complete. Although it's not as big and grand as the rock work for the runaway train was we love the large Scorpion in the ride area and the fire effect of the new tower. 

You no longer enter the queue for the ride via a bridge the entrance has now moved to where the fastrack entrance used to be located. Inside the queue line for the ride, a new animals enclosure has been created where real Scorpions can be seen. Although weren't present for the opening day these were later added. 

The old boiler that you used to walk around in the old queue line for runaway mine train can still be seen today in the ride area. Thankfully the boiler was removed and repurposed for new ride theming, a nice little addition for theme park enthusiasts.  

New Theming Structures Built For Scorpion Express
Sunday 23rd February 2014
Work on Scorpion Express is stepping up with the opening day for the attraction coming up fast! The rides new main theming element has been installed in the centre of one of the helix's. A large metal Scorpion can be pictured below. We expect that the pincers for the animal will move and we might have some water effect in the tail for the ride if the promo art is correct! 

New air gates have been installed since the original runaway mine train shut and a new wooden platform has been installed along with new theming being put around the rides boundary fence. And since our last look at the ride, the train has returned with a new colour scheme. 

Feb Half Term Look At Scorpion Express
Saturday 15th February 2014
In the Mexicana area, lots of work is still taking place to rebuild the Scorpion Express/runaway mine train. All of the area has been repainted and construction for the new ride is slowest making progress. However, the entrance for the ride looks set to be changed as the old bridge and area which used to hold the queue has been taken down and one of the members of staff we spoke to said that there might be a cattle pen being installed for the ride. As seen on the marketing for the ride its set to feature a fire effect which has been confirmed to us by a manager along with the possibility of having water effects and more special effects to be added in the year.

Runaway Mine Train Cut Off From Mexicana
Sunday 21st July 2013
A big wall has been built at the entrance to The Runaway Train, cutting off the ride from the rest of Mexicana.

Runaway mine train update
Wednesday 19th June 2013
We’re now half way through the theme park season and one ride over at Chessington world of adventures is yet to re-open. The runaway minetrain has had its rocks removed due to health and safety problems, however we have been told they will be replaced during the closed season. However the rest of the ride is still in pieces, the train its self is yet to be seen on park. the platform for the ride is currently being redone along with the bridges and pathways all being redone from what looks like from scratch as shown by the photos the ride is still a long way away from reopening however work has rapidly progressed since our last visit where there was no platform to the point where were starting to see the base again.

Chessington have said to people on their Facebook page that a date will soon be released about the ride reopening and that people should keep checking their micro site for the parks multi-million pound investment for further details and updates. All photos taken from public areas.

Removing Rock Work From Runaway Mine Train Continues
Friday 24th May 2013
Work on removing the rock work on The Runaway Train at Chessington continues. Since our last look at the ride more of the theming has been removed. No news yet on if it will be replaced or the reason why its being removed.

Runaway Mine Train Rocks Removed
Sunday 5th May 2013
Chessington World Of Adventures is currently undergoing a park-wide £5 million makeover and one of the rides selected to receive a large amount of this money is the runaway mine train. The theming for the ride appears to be all fibreglass built on scaffolding as shown on the photos below however it has been suggested that the structure was unsafe which could suggest why Dragon Falls has had its drop theming removed and the runaway mine train has had its rocks removed. It's currently unknown when the attraction will reopen however it's looking like it won't be this year judging by the amount of work the park will have to do to the ride.