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Chessington 2020 Open Season
Friday 27th March 2020
Chessington World of Adventures officially opened on 19th March 2020. The park launched all of its new changes that it has been working on over the closed season and opened up the brand new Rainforest area.

The Rainforest opened, ready for guests, on the Thursday, displaying three unique rides.

To start with, Jungle Rangers (re-routed and re-themed Toadies Crazy Cars) has an exciting new route.  Taking you through the rainforest, spotting animals on your way through. The new onboard audio brings the journey to life, allowing the passengers to feel like their on their own expedition through a rainforest. Spotting real capybaras and tortoises on your way round!

The new miniature log-flume, River Rafts, is a perfect addition to the area.  Enabling small explorers to have a splash in the rainforest, spotting scenery along the way.  Sitting in your own crocodile boat, fitting one adult and one child, go for a ride through the rivers of the rainforest.

Another addition to the area is Tree Top Hoppers, giving great views of the rainforest. The junior drop tower allows passengers to jump up and down through the rainforest, seating a maximum 2 adults and 3 children.

Chessington Services Day Sneak Peak At The Rainforest
Saturday 14th March 2020
Today is the Services Preview Day at Chessington and with the park fully open minus the new area we can take a closer look and see The Rainforest. 

Everything inside the area looks ready and good to go however a few things remain to be finished like the entrance portals into the new area the metalwork has been installed but it just needed to be cladded and entrance sign added and ride signage still needed to be installed. The old Toadies sign can be seen sitting on the floor and During the day all of the rides could be seen testing including the new Toadies ride and the new log flume. 

Rainforest Update 29th Feb 2020
Saturday 29th February 2020
Work on The Rainforest at Chessington appears to be progressing nicely with work now turning to the animal enclosures and the fences around the area. Since our last visit to the park, the queue line and fences for the Jungle Rangers ride have started to be built. With the Feb half term event now ever, we can no longer walk up to the area and see closer! 

The Rainforest Construction Update 16th Feb
Sunday 16th February 2020
Work on the new Rainforest area looks to be almost complete, with the River Rafts attraction station, lift hill and drop installed from what we can see. Boats for the ride are themed around crocodiles and can be seen outside the Dragons Fury exit. Since our last visit to the park back in January, the Treetop Hoppers attraction has been rotated to face inwards into the new Rainforest area, offering great views of the log flume and Jungle Rangers ride.

Toadies Crazy Cars is no more and the attraction has been ripped out and a new system installed. Jungle Rangers looks to be using a new ride system and new cars. Interestingly, the ride seems to travel around an animal enclosure. Animals such as Capybaras and Tortoise’s are yet to be moved from there current enclosure into there new home. This could mean meet and greets with the animal will no longer be available, due to them being moved into a ride area. 


Quick Glimpse A The Rainforest
Sunday 26th January 2020
With views to The Rainforest area now restricted again we cant see much work going on in the new area. However it looks like a new entrance portal into the area looks to be being built at the back of the old Toadies site, with one of the old Toadies Crazy Cars spotted running away down the hill near Dragons Fury. We suspect that the old Toadies is being removed and replaced with something new. 

New For 2020 Rainforest Land
Wednesday 15th January 2020
A new little land with some big adventures has been discovered at Chessington World of Adventures. Opening March 2020, Rainforest Land is a rethemed area containing three rides and a small selection of animals. Inspired by the park's work with the World Land Trust, The attractions within Rainforest Land are as follows:

River Rafts: Make a splash on a mini-log flume, River Rafts – watch out though for the cheeky chimps that live along the waterway! River Rafts is a new attraction for the resort and has been relocated from Weymouth Sea Life Center. The attraction is aimed towards a younger audience than what the park's pre-existing log flume is as the ride is expected to have a maximum height restriction of four meters, much as it did at Weymouth.

Jungle Rangers: Little explorers take the wheel on Jungle Rangers, a car ride where they navigate their vehicle along the trail, spotting creatures along the way. Jungle Rangers is a retheme of Toadie's Crazy Cars, which has been at the park since 1987. It is expected that the ride will be taking a slightly altered route to make it the central focal point of the area, as a consequence of this it also means the ride experience will also be slightly shorter.

Treetop Hoppers: Climb above the treetop canopy, bouncing up high on Treetop Hoppers, but be careful, what goes up... This ride has been at the park since 2001 and is a mini drop tower, this is not expected to move from its current location but is now being integrated within the rather fitting Rainforest Land as it's current theme will fit nicely within the new themed land.

"Perfect for families with kids in search of their first wild adventure, explore the rainforests of the world by road, taking the wheel on Jungle Rangers; by river, making a splash on mini-log flume, River Rafts, and from the treetop canopy, bouncing up high on Treetop Hoppers, all while spotting creatures including tortoises and capybaras, the world’s largest rodent”

The new area follows in the footsteps of Tiger Rock, An investment that saw the Oriental-themed area of the park, "Mystic East" revived for a newer generation of animal lovers with new animal enclosures and rethemes of the main attraction in the area, Dragon Falls, which became Tiger Falls.

A specific opening date has not yet been mentioned, except the already mentioned, March 2020 but as soon as this date is announced officially we will keep you informed.

Work Begins On Development Of Toadies And Area
Monday 30th December 2019
Work has started at Chessington World of Adventures and preparation for the 2020 theme park season is well underway.  A few weeks ago, the park released plans to build a mini log flume.  The new ride will be taking over some of the area currently resided by Toadies Crazy Cars, built by Mack Rides. Work on foundations for the mini log flume looks to be almost done, with the main drop foundations now complete.  With this mini log flume being installed, it means that Toadies Crazy Cars will need to be rerouted and tracked for the 3rd time in his history. Re-tracking of the old Mack ride is currently being done, with new concrete track being laid. This will hopefully drastically improve the reliability of the ride and improve the story of the ride; which unfortunately was dropped and cut over the years. 


Mini Log Flume Coming To Chessington
Tuesday 8th October 2019
This evening, plans have been submitted to the council to install a second-hand mini log flume from Weymouth Sea Life Center. Located next to Rameses Revenge and in a small section of the Toadies Crazy Cars attraction if approved the Mack ride will need to be rerouted to allow for the mini log flume to be install.

This will be the second log flume attraction within the Chessington theme park ride portfollo. But with one difference this version will be aimed at kids. When the ride was located at Weymouth, each boat was limited to one adult or 2 children.