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Thirteen Behind The Scenes Tour And Dinner
Saturday 19th June 2010
As part of a VIP experience to help launch Thirteen at Alton Towers this delayed experience was due to take part in March however due to delays the experience was pushed back to June time. 

With a buffet dinner and talk from John Wardley, each group was also given a behind the scenes tour of Thirteen. With John Wardley, explaining was each section of the ride and drop element does. In the PowerPoint and display John showed everyone how Intamin and himself designed the ride and built a prototype of the drop before it was built in the UK. 

Thirteen Opens At Alton Towers
Saturday 20th March 2010
Thirteen officially opens!

Station Building Complete
Thursday 22nd October 2009
The framework for the station building for SW6 now looks complete! A few sections still need to be added like the stairs on the outside of the building however we might have figured out this rides secret and worlds first element! It appears when the train re tenters the station it will have a 2 story drop? 

SW6 October 11th Construction Update
Monday 19th October 2009
Work on SW6 has progressed at a huge pace since our last look at the construction site, the lift hill is now complete along with the first drop and the catwalk up the lift hill. Work on the station continues with trays for cladding added to the outside of the building, it won't be long until the building has metal sheets added to it blocking our view! 

Work On Station Building For SW6 Begins
Saturday 10th October 2009
SW6 is progressing well with the station section of track from the loading bay to the first few sections of the lift hill completed! More track for the ride continues to arrive in the car parks ready to be installed. Framework for the station and a section fo the queue line also continues to be installed. 

Alton Towers SW6 Track Arrives
Monday 21st September 2009
Alton Towers next big rollercoaster SW6's rollercoaster track has finally arrived at the park! Track and parts for the new rollercoaster can be seen in the car park along with temporary offices for RCS the company that will be building the rollercoaster over the next few weeks/months.

Ground Works Begin For SW6
Wednesday 12th August 2009
Groundworks and marketing for SW6 at Alton Towers have begun, with Corkscrew now gone work can begin on foundations for the new rollercoaster which is currently unnamed but known to fans as SW6. Posters can be seen all around the park with the tag "Ride Into The Unknown" 

Corkscrew Site Cleared Ready For SW6
Thursday 26th March 2009
The site for SW6 is ready for building on! The removal of Corkscrew is now complete and we expect work will begin shortly on removing sections of land for the station for the foundations for supports. 

Alton Towers Submits Plans For SW6
Tuesday 2nd December 2008
Alton Towers have submitted plans to the local council for the removal of the Corkscrew and the installation of a new rollercoaster for the 2010 season. Plans for the rollercoaster make the ride look huge, no manufacture is listed for the ride but the layout like very windy around the woods. 

The theme for the ride looks to be around a grave yard / abandoned building. In the plans submitted, we can see some of the theming we can expect to see when the project is finished. 

We look forward to seeing the finished product!