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Alton Towers Brings Back Annual Pass

Alton Towers
Tuesday 7th September 2021
Alton Towers have revealed the return of the Alton Towers Annual Pass, Following an absence for most of the season.

Although slightly different this year, The pass is now branded as an Annual pass, rather than previously a Season pass, which runs for 12 months, rather than for the length of the season (March - November). This allows greater flexibility as traditionally if a pass was purchased midway through the season, the price would be the same for fewer days. 

The Alton Towers Annual Pass costs £119 and allows access to the resort for 12 months, except for 20 dates across the whole of the 2021 / 2022 theme park season. The pass also includes standard car parking as well as 20% retail, food, and beverages as well as other perks.

On the Alton Towers website, one of the FAQ's mentioned the reason for a switch from annual to seasonal with the following response:

We took on board your feedback and wanted to ensure we are offering the very best value for money as well as ensuring we remain aligned with our other Merlin attractions too.  An Annual Pass gives you the ultimate flexibility to visit the park throughout the year and at the time of year that suits you best - subject to outlined exclusion dates.

More information can be found here:



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