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World Of David Walliams

Join Ben and Granny on the ultimate jewel heist in the World of David Walliams. In a brand new area for 2021, Cloud Cuckoo Land has been transformed into a new area with the addition of two new rides with older rides in the area moved and rethemed. 

The highlight attraction to the area has to be Gangsta Granny: The Ride, located in the old Wooble World building, that has previously housed the Halloween attraction House of Monsters, the space that Gangsta Granny takes up isn't the biggest. However, once you're inside the building it's like it's always been there! 

Gangsta Granny The Ride, is a new dark ride that lasts for around 5 minutes and takes you on a journey with Ben and Granny, as they plan and execute the ultimate jewel heist. Loosely following the book, written by David Walliams, the ride contains a mixture of projections, 3D sets, special effects such as smoke, bubbles and mirrors. For the space used by the attraction, a lot of the story is read out to guests as you travel with Ben and Granny. For guests that are unaware of David Walliams work, you don't have to have read the books to understand what's going on. We thoroughly enjoyed love Gangsta Granny the ride, from the second you board your royal carriage your adventure begins, from travelling down the river themes to stealing the jewels and escaping through Raji's shop it's none stop adrenaline-filled adventure. 

From the high energy Gangsta Granny The Ride, you exit into Raji's Shop - full of merchandise and for those with a keen eye, some easter eggs from the past of Alton Towers. The theming of Raji's shop is spot on, with it supposed to be looking like a little corner shop, the uniform worn by the staff and everything is perfect. Inside the shop, staff sometimes wander around and greet you at the door offering you 'limited timed' offers such as a free receipt with every purchase and a free ribbon with every medal.  The only issue with the shop at the moment is you can only go through it if you ride Gangsta Granny, it's also worth noting that some of the items in this shop are exclusive to the area and cant be purchased anywhere else in the park! 

From the excitement of Gangsta Granny the ride - to Raj’s Bouncy Bottom Burp, prepare to drop and bounce on the power of farts! The old Frog Hopper ride has been relocated back to its original location and has been given a makeover along with a new soundtrack that's... unique to say the least. 

Jump on a royal horse or carriage on the Royal Carousel, fully repainted and relocated to make the area flow better, the ride looks stunning! Unlike the other rides in the area, this attraction isn't based on a book or character but more on the presence of it being located in the queen's backyard. 

Take a spin and dance on Flavio’s Fabulous Fandango, one of the new flat rides located in the corner next to the old 4D movie theatre. During 2021 Alton Towers has brought in a few more rides to help boost numbers in the park. Themed to a character from a David Walliams book, Flavio’s Fabulous Fandango is aimed more at adults it seems. 

On opening day for World of David Walliams the park had put on a huge range of entertainment. From the changing of the guards and roaming beefeaters all dressed up for the occasion, to name some of it. We really loved watching them interact with everyone. It's so good to see entertainments fully return to Alton Towers during the main season, not just at Halloween and Christmas. 

The music played around the area and on the rides and attractions is spot on and is definitely something you would imagine would be played. The audio and special effects used around the Gangsta Granny Ride was amazing and was the first time in a while we went through an attraction and thought this is really cool. Hopefully, as time progresses this area and Gangsta Granny The Ride will be kept well and special effects will work for years to come. 

We really enjoyed The World of David Walliams, although this area isn't aimed at our age group we think it's a great investment. Hopefully, over the next few years, more attractions could be added such as the 4D movie theatre being used again etc. Waiting an extra year for the area to open was definitely worth the wait. 

We cant wait to see what comes next at Alton Towers Resort!