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New for 2022 Shipwreck Coast Opens July 15th
Tuesday 28th June 2022

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of our NEW land, ‘Shipwreck Coast’, which will be docking in at the Resort from July 15th, 2022. The wild, wet and windy shores of this new land will transport you to a disaster ridden harbour town that includes two brand-new rides, ‘Trawler Trouble’ & ‘Barrel Bail Out!’.

Whilst exploring these stormy shores, you’ll need to help the harbourmaster in ‘Barrel Bail Out!’, as you jump into barrels trapped in a whirlpool and help empty them of water – be warned you’ll definitely find it very hard to stay dry in this one. Whilst further up the coast, the captain of a trapped fishing boat needs help getting it freed in ‘Trawler Trouble’, so get ready to ride some choppy waves and take in some spins. Some of you eagle-eyed Adventurers may have already noticed that family favourite, ‘Seastorm’, reopened earlier in June as part of the first wave of this development following a full refurbishment, whilst the notorious ship ‘Blue Barnacle’, which opened in April 2021, continues to heave-ho through the high seas. 

The land takes inspiration from coastal harbour towns with nautical theming such as lighthouses, boats, sails, fishing nets and anchors taking prominence around the development. But it’s not just new rides and theming landing in Shipwreck Coast, Bagot goats will be making their home in the grassy hills around Blue Barnacle and Black rats will be found exploring a brand-new enclosure around the entrance to Trawler Trouble.

That’s not all, as the Mayor of Shipwreck Coast’s prized fish has gone missing and is calling upon guests to help crack the case and catch the ‘codnapper’. Join the pursuit for the truth and meet the quirky residents who inhabit the town along the way to help identify the culprit. Something smells fishy here…

It's time to set sail – we’ll be seein’ ye very soon…


Shipwreck Coast Logo Released And Ride Testing Begins
Sunday 26th June 2022
Shipwreck Coast is the new name for Pirates Cove at Chessington, released on the construction walls around the old Pirates Cove. We can now see a new logo and graphic for the area. The new logo looks amazing and from everything, we can see from behind the fences this new area is a big breath of fresh air for such an old area. 

More theming continues to be added to buildings in the area, such as new signs, props and funny jokes written everywhere. We've also seen the return of Bubbleworks in an easter egg. A cool interactive trial can be seen on posters in ride areas, it looks like you do a treasure hunt and then enter the numbers on a phone. It's unknown if there will be a prize but we expect you might get a pop badge on the first few days. 

The biggest news of this update though is the fact that Barrel Bail Out has begun testing! Even on a Sunday, engineers could be seen testing the ride without any guests or water dummies sitting on it. The ride has been filled with water and has been testing for the past few days. 

There's not been any official news from the park on the names for the rides or any opening date for the new area but the park did start updating the website a few days ago. Seastorm looks to be staying the same with Trawler Trouble previously known as Timber Tug Boat at Thorpe Park and the new splash battle ride looks to be called Barrel Bail Out.

We can't wait to experience this new area when it opens! 

Project Anchor Mega Update
Sunday 19th June 2022
It's been a busy week at Chessington for Project Anchor, the park started to tease something new is coming for the area with a gif of a lighthouse and Seastorm re-opened following its lengthy downtime. 

Starting with the biggest news, Seastorm has soft opened meaning the ride might close at any time due to technical difficulties. The ride remains the same but the entrance location has changed and the ride also has a new logo which can be spotted on the exit gate. Hopefully, over the next few weeks, the signage in front of the ride will be updated and we will get a cool 3D entrance sign? 

Across the rest of the site, a new building is being built behind the lockers near Elmers Flying Jumbos, and with the area not fenced off, we get a look into the Bobbing Barrels ride area with all of the boats now attached. This ride looks like it's going to be a lot of fun in the summer months. No ride testing has happened yet but we expect in the next 2 weeks we will see the ride spinning and splashing around. 

Lots of new theming has been added around the Pirates Cove area, with flags, sails and lots of new theming added to buildings. We can now also see the mermaid has been installed on a rock. The area looks totally unrecognisable and we can't wait to look around the area when it opens in the summer (our guess). 

Seastorm Reopens Following Lengthly Refurbishment
Friday 17th June 2022
Seastorm has soft opened meaning the ride might close at any time due to technical difficulties. The ride remains the same but the entrance location has changed and the ride also has a new logo which can be spotted on the exit gate. Hopefully, over the next few weeks, the signage in front of the ride will be updated and we will get a cool 3D entrance sign? 

Bobbing Barrels Arrives And Gets Installed
Saturday 11th June 2022
In the past 24 hours, the ride Bobbing Barrels has been delivered to Chessington and installed! 

Previously spotted in the car parks Friday evening, the spinning cars for Bobbing Barrels have been lifted into place and testing on the ride should begin over the next few days. This isn't the only change thats happened to the ride, a flag post and shower have been mounted in the middle of the ride. 

Around the rest of Pirates Cove as its currently named, the construction fences around Sea Storm have been removed. The ride has also been seen testing so it shouldn't be long until Sea Storm reopens after being closed for almost a year. The entrance for the ride has changed to face into the new area, the entrance height check stick has been removed and the queue line for the ride has been rearranged to follow suit. 

Timber Bug Boat looks to be almost finished with the side panels of the boats structure removed in preparation to be replaced with new wooden panels. 

The area is starting to look great and we cant wait to see the finished results. 

Pirates Cove Expansion Continues
Friday 3rd June 2022
Work on the Pirates Cove retheme / expansion continues at Chessington World of Adventures. Shipments of ride hardware and theming appears to continue to arrive every day at the park. A box wrapped up with Mack Rides tape sat next to Sea Storm waiting for installation at our best guess. 

Over at the two new rides, speakers have been installed in the Timber Tug Boat ride. And not much has changed at the new Splash Battle ride apart from a round box cover being put over some electronics in the middle of the ride. 

Project Anchor Bobbing Barrels Arrives
Saturday 28th May 2022
Big progress has been made at Chessington with the two new rides for summer 2022. Pirates Coves has recently received a shipment of the ride hardware for the new bobbing barrels water ride from Zamperella. Since our last visit, scaffolding has been removed which was covering the ride. It appears the foundations of the ride have been waterproofed. These aren't the only major changes for the ride, the water tower and the first bits of theming have been installed, along with some ride hardware such as the spinning base and where each car/barrel will sit. 

Timber Tug Boat has also now been lifted into place and the control booth for the ride has been installed. Previously we spotted that the old Timber Tug Boat signs were still installed, however, these have now been removed and put by Seastorm, presumably for scrap?

Work on Seastorm has rapidly progressed with boats for the ride reinstalled and new theming in the centre of the ride has been installed. A new wrecked boat and octopus tentacle has been installed as a new centrepiece. Around the ride the control booth has been repainted along with the sign saying sea storm removed, could this ride be seeing a new name and theme for this year? Our thoughts of the ride receiving a new entrance location also seem to be confirmed with a canoe boat installed for what appears to be a new entrance feature for the ride. 

No opening date has been announced for these new rides yet but we're sure we will hear more from the park very soon! 

Ride Hardware Arrives For Project Anchor
Sunday 15th May 2022
It's full steam ahead at Chessington for Project Anchor, with Seastorm being reassembled and Timber Tug Boat being delivered to the park. 

Since our last visit to the park, we've seen big progress for Project Anchor. Timber Tug Boat has received a repainted and has never looked better! The new colours of the boat look fantastic but we feel like it's a shame the base of the ride wasn't repainted, hopefully, this will be covered with some wooden boards? It would also appear that work on gutting the arcade has begun for the queue line for the attraction. If you look closely enough you can also see the metal panels of the ride still say Timber Tug Boat. 

Work on the brand new ride Bobbing Barrels is also progressing well with the queue line for the ride paved and fences installed. A scaffolding roof has been installed over attractions foundations so they can install the ride in peace and without getting rained on.  

Seastorm is also starting to look a lot healthier with arms for the ride reinstalled. Wooden boxes with the Mack logo can still be seen around the area, so the ride could have been waiting for new parts directly from the ride manufacturer. 

Foundations And Preparations For Project Anchor Continue
Sunday 24th April 2022
Project Anchor is speeding along, foundations for the timber tug boat are now complete and work on making the shournding area pretty look to have started with new retaining walls installed. You can also now see where the ramp onto the ride has been installed. 

Work on the foundations for the new water ride / bobbing barrels attraction contiues. Metal rebar can still be seen poking out the ground however each visit to the park we're noticing a big difference! It shouldnt be long until we start to see ride hardware appearing in this area. 

Sea Storm appears to be one step closer to reopening, with new cogs installed in the centre of the ride. Hopefully the park has now received the parts needed to fix this ride. Sea Storm is starting to get a bad reputation about being broken all the time. 

Concrete Poured For New Bobbing Barrels Attraction
Tuesday 12th April 2022
It might only be two days since our last look at Project Anchor at Chessington, however, the park has been hard at work! The concrete footer for the centre of the new splash battle ride has been poured and work is now turning to the ride's floor. You can now also see where the control box for the ride is going to be located on the right-hand side of the disk. 

Work continues around the new rock and tug location, since our last look tarmac appears to have been poured ready for where the queue line is going to be installed. We're sure it won't be long until the ride is reinstalled and work on theming it can begin! 

No sign of any more work happening on SeaStorm just yet!