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Haunted House Monster Party Opens
Saturday 13th April 2019
On 13th April 2019, Legoland Windsor Resort debuts their latest attraction, Haunted House Monster Party to the public and press. A Vekoma Madhouse ride similar to Hex at Alton Towers. 

“Haunted House Monster Party puts the fun back in madhouse!” 

The ride opened to the public at 12 pm with an opening ceremony featuring the parks director Chris Ireland and Lego Costume characters from around the world. Lord Vampyre from Legoland Windsor, Spider Lady from Legoland Florida, Witch and Scarecrow from Legoland California. 

Finishing Touches Made To Haunted House
Sunday 31st March 2019
Finishing touches are being made to the haunted house at Legoland Windsor. Opening in just under two weeks, the path connecting the attraction to the rest of the park has been opened up giving guests a  glimpse of the new attraction and some of the small details in the queue line and building. Since our last update, more posters have been added in the queue line, and we’ve now seen inside the queue line games similar to Fairy Tale Brook are present, along with talking Lego heads and a queue line photo opportunity. 

It is currently unknown how many pre-shows the attraction will have. We expect it will be just the one unlike Hex at Alton Towers which has two. The more pre-shows the attraction has the better throughput it should have. With it being the first madhouse in the UK for many years, we excited to ride it when it opens on 13th April.  

Legoland Windsor is defiantly the park to keep an eye on with more new attractions added to the park than any other Merlin theme park over the past few years. 

Haunted House Monster Party Almost Complete
Friday 15th March 2019
We’re now weeks away from the attraction opening to the public, Haunted House Monster party is looking very close to completion! With the queue line and ride signage started to be finished. The ride officially opens on 13th April, no photos have been shared from inside the attraction but judging from the outside we’ve got high hopes.

Looking like one big lego kit the attraction looks amazing from the outside! Progress on the attraction continued throughout the day with models on both sides of the sign being installed throughout the morning. Inside the queue line posters and more Lego models can be seen. This is by far the most ambitious project ever fulfilled at Legoland Windsor. We look forward to seeing the ride when it's complete in a few weeks time. 

Opening Date For Haunted House Announced
Friday 22nd February 2019
Earlier this week Legoland Windsor announced that the new ride Haunted House Party will be opening on Saturday 13th April. Lord Vampyre invites you, and all the little monsters to The Haunted House Monster Party for the most spook-tacular ride EVER! Fun for the whole family, he is going to turn the house upside down!

Join the TPG Live crew where we will be reporting live from the launch of the ride on the live blog platform. More information coming soon. 

Closed Season Look at Legoland Haunted House
Wednesday 12th December 2018
Work on the Haunted House is looking great from the outside. With the park open for its Christmas event it gives us a great view of some of the work that's been happening since the park shut for the main theme park season. All of the building has been cladded, with some detail being painted onto the side of the building in the form of spider webs and a lego Vampire. Some of the more finer details like fake brickwork was being added to the building throughout the day. 

The entrance of the ride appears to be progressing nicely, the large entrance tower looking similar to the Alton Towers entrance feature will host a banner with the ride name according to the visuals. No date has been given for the ride opening but we would expect it opening for the May bank holiday. If not before then. 

Ride logo launched and new promo image
Thursday 1st November 2018
The logo and a new design for the attraction has been released by Merlin in a campaign advertising a sale on Merlin Annual Passes. It doesn't give a lot away about the attraction however we’re a big fan of the logo for the ride. 

Drum Complete for Legoland Madhouse
Sunday 14th October 2018
The drum for the Haunted House ride at Legoland Windsor appears to be complete. The theming for the drum doesn’t look to have been installed yet but the building can now be made water tight ready for the cold winter months ahead. We look forward to seeing this project complete when we next visit the park in March time. 

Legoland Windsor Mad House Drum Installed
Friday 5th October 2018
The new ride, built by Vekoma from Holland is a Mad House ride similar to Hex and we were excited to see that great progress has been made. Most notable is that the attraction has a selection of its benches in place, with more being craned into place this afternoon as we were on our way out of the park.

It's certainly exciting progress on getting this attraction finished ahead of the 2019 season at Legoland. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the ride looks when finished next year. This is sadly likely to be our last update on this new ride until we see it opening next year due to the fun and frightening halloween season being upon us.

Please enjoy a selection of photos from today below of ride parts being installed, craned into place and of how progress is going. 

Legoland Madhouse Ride Delivered
Sunday 16th September 2018
Today we can reveal that the madhouse ride has started to be delivered to Legoland Windsor. Stored in a staff carpark, ride components are being stored ready for installation over the next few weeks. Parts for the ride have been labeled up as “Seat + Floor 4 + lapbars 1 piece” 

Over the past two weeks construction work on the warehouse for the madhouse has been progressing nicely. With two mount points added at both ends of the building, it was only a matter of time until the components for the ride was delivered to the park. All of the ride building structure has been installed and the outside is now being prepared to be cladded and made watertight ready for winter. Then work can begin on theming the inside and the outside of the ride. 

One of the main parts for the ride has already been delivered to the haunted house site. A huge ballast beam sits at the bottom of the seats and acts as a counterweight to stop the car from rotating with the room. We expect that by the end of September the drum of the ride will be installed and the front half of the building will start to be cladded, keeping the ride out of sight. 

Haunted House Warehouse Goes Vertical
Monday 3rd September 2018
The metal structure containing Haunted House Monster Party a madhouse ride, similar to Hex at Alton Towers has gone vertical. Opening in 2019 the framework for the ride has started to fly up! 

The building is still in the early phase of construction but you can already see the large open section where the ride will be. Two large concrete blocks can be seen at ethier end of the building where the main beams for the ride will go. Stairs down one end of the building shows where access into the ride area will be. Stood in Heartlake City you can just make out the top of the building.