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The Smiler Opens!
Friday 31st May 2013
After months of delays The Smiler has opened to the public. Although not saying anything on their social media channels the smiler opened to guests at around mid-day. The views you get from the queue line and surrounding area are amazing! Although there’s a few sections of the ride that are painful it was defiantly worth the wait. The marmaliser looks great from all angles and works really well when your speeding past.

Unforeseen Circumstances Delay Ride Opening
Saturday 25th May 2013
Due to “unforeseen circumstances” the ride didn’t open on May 23rd, however work on the queue line has started again today. More metal sheeting is being added to the top of the queue line to stop objects from falling out of the ride and hitting people. Meanwhile elsewhere in the area signs have been added to the games stand and more cars for the ride have arrived and been put on the circuit today. No date has been set for the ride opening but the park is still saying May.

4 Days Until Opening!
Sunday 19th May 2013
With the ride due to open in 4 days’ time queue line signs have been added along with the ride restrictions and information board. The queue line looks almost complete with handrails for the stairs on the way down from the entrance being fitted during our visit today. Speakers have been added in the entrance arch of the ride and on the marmaliser. The ride is starting to look amazing now! Roll on open day.

Marmaliser work and clearance testing
Sunday 12th May 2013
An opening date has been set for the ride and it’s all hands-on deck to get the ride ready. Clearance tests are being run in and around the ride with a red wire frame being parsed around area to check that no one can touch anything that can harm them. Work on installing the marmaliser effects continues with the lights installed and now testing. Words and stickers have been added to the legs of marmaliser. The entrance of the ride has also been set up recently, being bright yellow the entrance defiantly stands out!

The Smiler opening date
Wednesday 8th May 2013
The news is finally out about the smilers open day. The ride will be opening from Thursday 23rd May 2013, advertising for the ride is due to kick start again very soon to match the youtube videos that seem to have started to of been uploaded to the official Alton Towers Youtube channel.

With a Thursday open day it looks as if a lot of people could be booking the day off of work to experience the ride spoiler free, the ride looks to have a single rider queue along with the main queue and the fast track queue however fast track will NOT be being sold for the ride for a couple more months. 

Smiler Photoshoot Lights & Other Work
Monday 6th May 2013
Lots has been done over at the smiler, with lots of temporary lights installed around the site it appears the park are planning a photoshoot of the ride? If only the park would invest in these lights and make them a permeant feature! In other news, supports have been painted black at the top of the site with work on the fencing around the ride ongoing. The banners advertising the ride have started to come down as well. It shouldn’t be too long until the ride opens now. Hopefully they start testing the ride soon.

General Progress Update
Saturday 27th April 2013
Opening day for the ride is looming, with may just around the corner all eyes are on Alton Towers. However, work on the smiler is still far from complete. The station building and maintenance building are getting some graphic work added to the outside. Work on installing the effects for the theming in the middle of the ride has also continued over the past few days. However, without a chain on the second lift hill the ride is going nowhere for a while. Things are starting to come together now!

Second Lift Hill Complete
Saturday 20th April 2013
Work around the smiler site has progressed nicely over the past few weeks. With more track installed and the station and maintenance building both completely waterproof now. Yellow piping has been added to the front of the station building. From track painting to installing sections of the first lift hill the site was a hive of activity today. However, installing one section of track just after the second lift hill seemed to have an issue.

Foundations for second lift hill
Monday 1st April 2013
Foundations for the second lift hill have continued this week.  Along with a few more sections of track for the ride installed. Fences surrounding the ride and pit have also been installed. It’s fair to say you’re going to get a great view of the ride when it opens.

Over 50% of track installed
Saturday 30th March 2013
A few days into the theme park season we have a roundup of everything that’s been done to the SW7 site. The station building and maintenance building have been built with the station now being cladded and made waterproof. Over 50% of the track has been installed work on the theming in the centre of the ride now being worked done. The ride looks shiny and new however it’s a mess of track at the moment. Were sure once everything is done it will look amazing. Theres still much to do before May and the ride opening!