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Creature Campus

Thorpe Park

Creature Campus is a brand new show for 2023, located outside Stealth Creature Campus welcomes a new school and brings back fan favourites Amity High and LycanThorpe. Witches of Sorcerers Sorority is a brand new addition to the lineup for this year and to begin with, we weren't too sure how it would work. However, this year's show and characters are perfect! The stage setup is very different to anything we've ever seen before, bleachers have been installed in front of an old high school bus. This grandstand is used throughout the performance to dance on and it works well. You don't need to be close to see this year's performance. The story of where the witches have come from isn't explained, but the costumes for them are awesome!

The show begins with just Amity High and LycanThorpe dancing and having fun where the witches then appear from behind you and enter the show, causing , mischief and taking control of the school. This 10-minute dance show is a great addition to the lineup and refreshes an old format. We can see how Thorpe Park might envision this area to change over the next few years introducing new schools. Some great costumes, dancing and music, we liked this year's show. We only wish it had some special effects in it, maybe fire or sparks coming out of the cauldron a the top of the bleachers instead of a smoke effect. Our only fear for this area and the show is that a lot of space is taken up by the bleachers and there is a lot of room to stand and watch the show. So on peak and busy days, you might have an issue finding room.