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Thorpe Park Releases Limited Edition Hyperia Beer
Wednesday 3rd July 2024
Calling special beer fans! Thorpe Park has paired up with Windsor & Eton Brewery for a special Hyperia Lager.

Similar to the limited edition beers being sold for Nemesis Reborn at Alton Towers earlier this year this one will also be a limited edition brew with 2000 being sold.

More details to follow soon...

Limited Edition. Cans numbered 1-2000Available from next week. Date TBCAvailable from Calypso Bar

Hyperia Repairs Underway June 3rd 2024
Monday 3rd June 2024
Work on repairing Hyperia has begun at Thorpe Park, it appears that the location of the issue with the new Mack Rides rollercoaster has been identified as something at the top of the lift hill.

Work started early with the crane dominating the skyline above Hyperia at 9 am. Different coloured hoist straps can be seen hanging off of the lift hill structure ready to be used. At the start of the day, a metal structure could be seen being craned to the top of the ride.

The park hasn't said anything about the issue and isn't commenting about it but we would say with Saw The Ride closed for the 3rd and 4th of June and a big crane being in the area. The issue could be the lift hill. Whilst riding Colossus during the day, what we expect to be new parts for the ride could be seen in wooden crates on the ground next to the crane. During the day we saw lots of engineers at the top of the lift, along with the crane and cherry picker being very active.

Fingers crossed with the fantastic team at Mack Rides and Thorpe Park, the ride will be back open again soon. 

Hyperia Closed Due To Unforeseen Circumstances
Saturday 25th May 2024
Thorpe Park has posted on their social media channels this morning stating that due to unforeseen circumstances, Hyperia will not be opening today. Although the ride opened Friday 24th May, the opening didn’t go without a few hiccups. As with all new rides opening downtime isn’t new and unexpected. Fingers crossed the park is able to fix these issues soon and Hyperia is open again quickly.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to open Hyperia on Saturday the 25th of May. The rest of the park remains open. Anyone with pre-booked tickets for today will be eligible for a free return visit. Please check our website for further details. We apologise for the disappointment this will cause and we are working hard to reopen Hyperia as soon as possible and will keep people updated via our website and social media.”

Up-to-date information can be found on Thorpe Park’s website:

EDIT 15:30 25th May 2024 – Hyperia is closed until at least Wednesday 29th May

“Due to unforeseen circumstances Hyperia will not be opening Sunday 26th May, Monday 27th May, Tuesday 28th May and Wednesday 29th May.  We are working very hard to get the ride open and will update this page and our social with the latest information regarding the opening of Hyperia beyond the 29th May.​”

EDIT 17:00 28th May 2024 - Hyperia closure update

"Due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot commit to re-opening Hyperia before Saturday 8th June.  We will ensure all the latest updates are provided via our socials and this page."

Hyperia 2 Days Till Opening
Wednesday 22nd May 2024
It's two days until Hyperia opens at Thorpe Park and work is underway to finish off the area. The plaza of the ride is busy with construction workers building a stage for an opening ceremony along with others working on finishing off the queue line, pathway and final finishing touches. 

Since our update on Sunday, a test seat for the rollercoaster has been installed at the entrance along with the ride restrictions board, height stick and queue time screen. TVs have also been installed in the queue line which will be showing guests the story of Hyperia. 

The pathway into the plaza has also been completed with a set of wings installed in the pathway as you enter the entrance plaza for the ride. 

A temporary queue line for the ride is being built down the old Saw Alive pathway. A tent structure can be seen being installed to help shelter guests from the great British weather. 

It's amazing how quickly the park and teams have turned around this area. 

We can't wait to experience Hyperia! 

Join us live from the press night for Hyperia over on our live blog system on Thursday 23rd May from 5 pm.

Hyperia One Final Construction Update Before Open Day
Sunday 19th May 2024
It's time for one final update for Hyperia at Thorpe Park before the ride officially opens on Friday 24th May 2024.  

We've been there from the start, at the public consultation, when the diggers moved into Old Town and removed Loggers Leap and the first and last sections of track and supports getting installed. 

It's been amazing to see this area go from abandoned to a brand new area with a state-of-the-art rollercoaster.

There is still a lot of work left to be done until open day though. The floor for the plaza is almost complete and is waiting for the top coat to be applied. Plants, rocks and bark have been installed in the plaza and area. 

Since our last update, the letters for the Hyperia sign have been installed. The entrance sign looks amazing! Signs for the shop and refresh and refill station have also been installed along with some golf theming on the outside of the shop building. Speakers and fence installation for the queue line is a work in progress but we don't expect this will take long to complete. 

Testing and programming of the splash-down water effect for the ride has also been seen testing today. For every train that was dispatched the water effect got closer and closer to being more accurate to a real-life splash-down effect. 

A new "236 Fearless Gallery" sign has been installed on the photo collection building and shop. Management for the park could be seen going in and out of the new shop this afternoon. 

A huge temporary fence delivery can be seen outside Zodiac ready to be installed down the old Saw Alive plaza.

It's time to find our fearless... 

Hyperia Two Weeks Until Open Day
Friday 10th May 2024
It's just two weeks left until Hyperia opens to guests at Thorpe Park! and final preparations are underway. 

Earlier this week the entrance sign and gateway were installed and since then work on adding the golden wings to the structure has been taking place. The sign appears to be double-sided so no exposed metalwork will be seen for the wings. Placeholders for the word "Hyperia" can be seen on the sign ready to be installed over the next few days. 

The small queue line shop called "Fearless Fuel" has been installed. Work on adding theming to the shop has taken place, the outside of the building has been themed and wires can be seen. poking out of the building ready for lights and signs. 

This is the first time we've looked into the site and seen a plaza for the ride. With the site offices now gone it's all hands on deck to finish the project. 

Ride testing was seen this afternoon with the famous John Burton walking into the area and watching the ride test from afar. It would appear that the park was shooting new videos and promotional material for the ride today. The model for Hyperia that was displayed in the Thorpe Mega Store was seen coming out of the site.

Other bits we've spotted around the site, the steps for the bottom of the lift hill have now been installed. Speakers are being installed in the queue line and posts for queue line tv's can be seen. The installation of the queue line is progressing well with it now wrapping around the area and next to the maintenance building.  

Hyperia TV Advert Released
Thursday 9th May 2024
The advert for Hyperia has finally been released! The new TV advert for the new Mack Rides rollercoaster has been updated on the park's website and social media channels.

"The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted our brand-new Hyperia TV ad on our website. As our official Thorpe Park Insiders, we thought we'd give you a little peek into the ethos behind it.

The advert follows three people, each of whom may be struggling with confidence in their day-to-day lives. This could be work or personal life. We believe everyone has an inner Fearlessness, and riding Hyperia may be a turning point – "if I can do this, I can do anything."

As for Hyperia herself, her legend has been passed down through the centuries. Of course, storytellers have added a few fantastic embellishments over time – but the message of her story remains true. She overcame her fears; she found her fearless

Our new TV ad is our first inspired by feel-good thrills. Typically, we would market a colossal ride like Hyperia as ‘terrifying’ or a ‘challenge’ – but Hyperia is different. Instead of instilling fear (we'll leave that to Fright Nights), we empower anyone of any age (over 1.3m, of course) to ride Hyperia – you've got this attitude"

Hyperia Entrance Signage Revealed
Wednesday 1st May 2024
🪽 The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the wings on the park map. Well, here's an exclusive first look at the giant winged portal sign currently in production. Once fabrication is complete, the framework will be painted. The portal will be one of the last items to be installed. Once complete, it will span a massive 15 meters across.

👭 Work is progressing on the queue line. Here you can see the base layer of tarmac – this will all be covered in the stone resin seen in the 10th photo. Any fencing away from ride areas will feature the gold chevron design. Taller ride area fencing has been planted with creepers which in time will bring lots of greenery to the area.

🌊The water splash effect has been installed, ready for testing in the coming weeks.

🌲Lots of landscaping including trees, rocks and planting is coming soon. Hyperia's area will be known as 'Fearless Valley' – once the land settles in, this will become a lush, naturally landscaped area. The area is being planted with native foliage, and the land surrounding the lake has been seeded with wild meadow flowers.

Thorpe Park Open Till 8pm For Hyperia Opening Day
Friday 26th April 2024
It's less than a month until Hyperia opens on 24th May 2024 and Thorpe Park has updated its website with extended opening times for the first two days of Hyperia being open. 

Friday 24th and Saturday 25th May 2024 Thorpe Park will be open from 10 am until 8 pm. 

These late hours will be great and could mean guests riding Hyperia in the sunset and possibly darkness.

Hyperia Find Your Fearless Signage Installed And Testing Continues
Sunday 21st April 2024
Hyperia "Find Your Fearless" signage has been installed on the maintenance building after the base for the word "Fearless" was installed a few weeks ago.

Over the past few days work around the construction site has been limited with the rollercoaster now testing almost every day from mid-day to 5 pm. Well, that's what Thorpe Park has said on their social media account. Yesterday we were lucky enough to spot the rollercoaster testing throughout the afternoon. With Mack Rides Enguingers seen walking the brake run and adjusting different sensors (our guess)

Testing for the ride was continuous throughout the afternoon where towards the end 4 of the water dummies had the lid taken off and sent around the track. Meaning when the rollercoaster went upside down, water fell out. At the end of the day, we even managed to catch the rollercoaster being put back into the maintenance bay for the night.

Work on the queue line for the ride has begun with metal bases being installed down near the maintenance bay.

Hyperia looks great testing from the car park and around the park. We can't wait for open day!

The park has also released some more stats about the ride today:

Height: 236ftSpeed: 81mphLength: 3,254ftInversions: 2Riders per Train: 20Amount of Airtime: 14.8 secondsOpening Year: 2024