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Hyperia Two Weeks Until Open Day
Friday 10th May 2024
It's just two weeks left until Hyperia opens to guests at Thorpe Park! and final preparations are underway. 

Earlier this week the entrance sign and gateway were installed and since then work on adding the golden wings to the structure has been taking place. The sign appears to be double-sided so no exposed metalwork will be seen for the wings. Placeholders for the word "Hyperia" can be seen on the sign ready to be installed over the next few days. 

The small queue line shop called "Fearless Fuel" has been installed. Work on adding theming to the shop has taken place, the outside of the building has been themed and wires can be seen. poking out of the building ready for lights and signs. 

This is the first time we've looked into the site and seen a plaza for the ride. With the site offices now gone it's all hands on deck to finish the project. 

Ride testing was seen this afternoon with the famous John Burton walking into the area and watching the ride test from afar. It would appear that the park was shooting new videos and promotional material for the ride today. The model for Hyperia that was displayed in the Thorpe Mega Store was seen coming out of the site.

Other bits we've spotted around the site, the steps for the bottom of the lift hill have now been installed. Speakers are being installed in the queue line and posts for queue line tv's can be seen. The installation of the queue line is progressing well with it now wrapping around the area and next to the maintenance building.  

Hyperia TV Advert Released
Thursday 9th May 2024
The advert for Hyperia has finally been released! The new TV advert for the new Mack Rides rollercoaster has been updated on the park's website and social media channels.

"The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted our brand-new Hyperia TV ad on our website. As our official Thorpe Park Insiders, we thought we'd give you a little peek into the ethos behind it.

The advert follows three people, each of whom may be struggling with confidence in their day-to-day lives. This could be work or personal life. We believe everyone has an inner Fearlessness, and riding Hyperia may be a turning point – "if I can do this, I can do anything."

As for Hyperia herself, her legend has been passed down through the centuries. Of course, storytellers have added a few fantastic embellishments over time – but the message of her story remains true. She overcame her fears; she found her fearless

Our new TV ad is our first inspired by feel-good thrills. Typically, we would market a colossal ride like Hyperia as ‘terrifying’ or a ‘challenge’ – but Hyperia is different. Instead of instilling fear (we'll leave that to Fright Nights), we empower anyone of any age (over 1.3m, of course) to ride Hyperia – you've got this attitude"

Hyperia Entrance Signage Revealed
Wednesday 1st May 2024
🪽 The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the wings on the park map. Well, here's an exclusive first look at the giant winged portal sign currently in production. Once fabrication is complete, the framework will be painted. The portal will be one of the last items to be installed. Once complete, it will span a massive 15 meters across.

👭 Work is progressing on the queue line. Here you can see the base layer of tarmac – this will all be covered in the stone resin seen in the 10th photo. Any fencing away from ride areas will feature the gold chevron design. Taller ride area fencing has been planted with creepers which in time will bring lots of greenery to the area.

🌊The water splash effect has been installed, ready for testing in the coming weeks.

🌲Lots of landscaping including trees, rocks and planting is coming soon. Hyperia's area will be known as 'Fearless Valley' – once the land settles in, this will become a lush, naturally landscaped area. The area is being planted with native foliage, and the land surrounding the lake has been seeded with wild meadow flowers.

Thorpe Park Open Till 8pm For Hyperia Opening Day
Friday 26th April 2024
It's less than a month until Hyperia opens on 24th May 2024 and Thorpe Park has updated its website with extended opening times for the first two days of Hyperia being open. 

Friday 24th and Saturday 25th May 2024 Thorpe Park will be open from 10 am until 8 pm. 

These late hours will be great and could mean guests riding Hyperia in the sunset and possibly darkness.

Hyperia Find Your Fearless Signage Installed And Testing Continues
Sunday 21st April 2024
Hyperia "Find Your Fearless" signage has been installed on the maintenance building after the base for the word "Fearless" was installed a few weeks ago.

Over the past few days work around the construction site has been limited with the rollercoaster now testing almost every day from mid-day to 5 pm. Well, that's what Thorpe Park has said on their social media account. Yesterday we were lucky enough to spot the rollercoaster testing throughout the afternoon. With Mack Rides Enguingers seen walking the brake run and adjusting different sensors (our guess)

Testing for the ride was continuous throughout the afternoon where towards the end 4 of the water dummies had the lid taken off and sent around the track. Meaning when the rollercoaster went upside down, water fell out. At the end of the day, we even managed to catch the rollercoaster being put back into the maintenance bay for the night.

Work on the queue line for the ride has begun with metal bases being installed down near the maintenance bay.

Hyperia looks great testing from the car park and around the park. We can't wait for open day!

The park has also released some more stats about the ride today:

Height: 236ftSpeed: 81mphLength: 3,254ftInversions: 2Riders per Train: 20Amount of Airtime: 14.8 secondsOpening Year: 2024

Hyperia Completes First Test Run
Tuesday 16th April 2024
A major milestone has been completed at Thorpe Park this afternoon. Hyperia has completed its first test run in front of a crowd of management and lots of guests.

Crowds gathered around the Hyperia plaza at 1 pm when an air horn marked the beginning of the test. This air horn is used to make sure everyone is aware that a train is about to test and to stay clear of the ride area.

The train left the station under the weight of gravity and took its first journey around the first bend. Over the past few days the train has been seen going back and forth into the station but this is the first time it has ever traveled around the track.

The crowd let off an almighty cheer as the train took the first bend. The atmosphere was electric!

After running checks as the train went on the lift hill Mack Rides appeared to be on-site to make sure everything went smoothly.

The whole process took around half an hour but after the lift hill was manually run (from our guess) the train made its way to the top of the lift. It's worth noting that the speed of the lift hill will be faster when the ride is running properly in the next few weeks.

The crowd and everyone was on edge and excited to see this train make its first journey around. The cheering that occurred when it left the lift hill and went around was amazing.

Of course, as we expected the ride ran beautifully and then parked itself outside the station.

Some people had been camped out since the park opened at 10 am for the chance to see this rollercoaster test.

An amazing day! It shouldn't be long until we see this train constantly being tested. 


Hyperia Ride Programming Testing Begins
Saturday 13th April 2024
It was a big moment for Hyperia today For the first time, the train transitioned from the maintenance bay to the station. This move allowed Mack engineers to work on the ride programming within the station.

Thorpe Park Hyperia Trains Revealed
Friday 12th April 2024
Thorpe Park has revealed the trains for Hyperia in a video posted on social media and the park's YouTube channel.

The Goddess is almost ready to take flight, are you?

Coloured gold these trains are similar to ones found at Europa Park for Blue Fire and Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The only difference when compared to these other rollercoasters is the front car of the train called the "Zero Car"

The colour of the train is gold with black seats and white bars on the train. These new Mack Rides trains also appear to have a new non-slip coating on the base of the trains. Also appearing at the front of the train is the park name along with a pair of golden wings.

This is the most impressive train reveal we've ever seen!

In the video, the lights turn on slowly revealing the train seats and front of the train. A fantastic reveal video!

The park has also answered a few questions on social media about these trains.

Unfortunately, these trains don't have any onboard lights or audio.

However, we love these new trains and can't wait to see this rollercoaster testing very soon. 

Hyperia Trains Delivered And Installed In Maintenance Bay
Thursday 11th April 2024
Big news for Hyperia! Trains for the rollercoaster have been delivered and spotted being driven down the access road and are slowly one by one being installed in the maintenance building.

Car 3 of train 1 was delivered to the site this afternoon and is being installed in the maintenance bay. Driven down the access road by Nemesis Inferno we managed to catch a glimpse of the middle car of the train. With the cars facing away from the station for Hyperia, it won't be long until we get a glimpse of the front of the train.

The colour scheme for the Hyperia trains looks like a gold base with black restraints.

It's almost time to "Find Your Fearless"

The slogan for the rollercoaster can be seen above the station as you come into the break run.

This is our first trip down Monks Walk since the park opened. Since our last trip down here, the stairs for the exit out of the station have been installed along with more gold theming. Gold cages now shrouded the exit and entrance into the station.

You can also see the air gates for the rollercoaster from Monk's Walk. It won't be long now until these trains make their way around the track for the first time.

A huge crane was also on site today, checking bolts and double-checking parts of the track before testing begins.

Night-time lighting around the ride has started to be installed. Lights can be seen in the station and outside the station pointing up at the building and wings. 

Lift Chain Testing And Look Inside Maintenance Building
Tuesday 9th April 2024
Thorpe Park has posted an update about Hyperia in the Thorpe Park Annual Passholders Group on Facebook about the status of the trains and exclusive footage of the lift hill chain testing.

We could be less than 24 hours away from seeing the trains delivered on-site!

Small, but exciting Hyperia update Please note, we are not releasing details of the ride trains or testing ahead of time, but of course, we’re not far off now!

"We can exclusively reveal the lift chain successfully ran for the first time yesterday, which is a huge step forward in commissioning.

Taking a look inside the maintenance building, you may notice it's a little different to some other workshops as it doesn't feature a central track. This a common feature in modern Mack coasters, instead of sitting on the wheels, the trains are supported by the side of the train.

This takes the weight off of the running wheels and allows our engineers an unobstructed view of the wheel housing for daily inspections."