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Minifigure Speedway Opening Delayed
Tuesday 26th March 2024
Legoland Windsor has posted an update on social media today about the opening of Minifigure Speedway which was due to open Friday 29th March but has now been delayed to Saturday 6th April 2024.

"Race Day update!

Due to unforeseen delays, we have decided to reschedule our opening date for Minifigure Speedway, which will now open on Saturday 6 April. We have many other fantastic rides, shows and attractions open across the Resort, as well as some Eggs-tra special fun planned for you and your family!"

Minifigure Speedway Opening Date Announced
Monday 11th March 2024
Legoland Windsor has announced that Minifigure Speedway will open from 12:30pm on 29th March 2024.

Minifigure Speedway had a minimum height of 1.05m to ride

“Racers! It's nearly time to take to the Minifigure Speedway track!  

Mark your calendars for Race day, 29th March from 12:30pm!”

The Race is On!

Join us at the Minifigure Speedway, the world’s first LEGO themed duelling rollercoaster that not only races forward but also races in reverse!  

This high octane ride is the ultimate family coaster that is a real, live race between the Team Legends and Allstars, led by your Minifigure captain.

Put the pedal to the metal and then slam it in reverse, who will be first across the finish line?

Minifigure Speedway opens from 12.30pm on 29th March! Book your tickets now!

Minifigure Speedway February 2024 Update
Sunday 18th February 2024
Construction work at Minifigure Speedway at Legoland Windsor is progressing rapidly! The track is now complete and work has turned to connecting elements of the ride such as breaks, sensors and motors to power the ride.

Since our last look at the site, a second piece of theming has been installed. The world’s tallest Lego minifigure has been installed at the ride. Standing at 30 feet tall and weighing over six tonnes, the figure called Roxie will be visible across the park.

Over in the car park, metalwork for the exit ramp can be seen still waiting to be installed. Looking at the construction site these pieces will form a tunnel coming out of the station to protect guests from falling objects. Minifigure Speedway looks amazing! These are two rollercoasters that we can't wait to ride this year.

Minifigure Speedway rollercoaster is due to open this Easter. 

Legoland Windsor Minifigure Speedway Track Installation 90% Complete
Sunday 24th December 2023
Minifigure Speedway is rapidly progressing! More track has been delivered to the car park storage yard and it would appear that 90% of the track for the rollercoaster has been installed.  In the storage yard/car park track and catwalk for the lift hill can be seen. Along with the end sections of the track with huge rubber stoppers for if the trains ever reached the end of the track.

Since our last look at the construction site, lots of track have been installed and a huge theming feature has been installed. A billboard similar to The Swarm at Thorpe Park has been installed with the track going through the middle of it. Inside the station, air gates have been installed, sections of track have been lifted into place and stairs to the op cabin have been built.

Work on repainting the mansion also continues, with scaffolding still surrounding the building.

With fast progress being made to this rollercoaster were left wondering what might open first, Hyperia or Minifigure Speedway! 

Legoland Windsor 2024 Minifigure Speedway Goes Vertical
Sunday 3rd December 2023
Rollercoaster track for Minifigure Raceway at Legoland Windsor Resort has been delivered! And more exciting, the station and rollercoaster supports have gone vertical. Progress at the construction site has rocketed since our last look at the area a few weeks ago. The station is absolutely huge and way bigger than we expected it to be. We're going to get a fantastic view of the area when this new duelling roller-coaster opens in 2024.

Track for the rollercoaster is coloured red and blue which will look fantastic with the jet-black supports. More supports and infrastructure for the ride have also been delivered and are being stored in the car parks. Stairs, air gates and even the clearance testing block of wood can be seen ready to be used and installed.

Supports line the skyline in Duplo Valley, this is by far the most exciting-looking rollercoaster we’ve seen at Legoland Windsor for a number of years. Since the park removed Jungle Coaster back in 2010 and park has been lacking a thrilling and exciting roller-coaster.

It would appear that the mansion is also undergoing some maintenance work, it will be great to see this building repainted again and have it restored to its former glory.

Legoland Windsor 2024 Minifigure Speedway Delivered
Monday 20th November 2023
Rollercoaster supports for Minifigure Speedway have been delivered to Legoland Windsor Resort!

Supports for the new rollercoaster are being stored in one of the car parks for the theme park. With the park open for Adventure Golf we spotted them in the distance and thought we'd take a closer look at Legoland's newest rollercoaster before it's built.

It's currently unknown if the rollercoaster has gone vertical yet but with lots of wood on the floor without anything on it. We think that the rollercoaster has gone vertical and we should be able to see some exciting progress when the park reopens for Christmas on Saturday 25th November.

We loved the black supports for the rollercoaster and can't wait to see the colour of the track and what the trains will look like. By looking at the supports it's now clear that the manufacturer is Zierer, which was also confirmed during the rollercoaster's announcement last week.

New For 2024 At Legoland Windsor Minifigure Speedway
Wednesday 15th November 2023
Merlin Entertainments, a global leader in branded entertainment destinations, today reveals the UK’s first LEGO® duelling coaster – Minifigure Speedway – will race into LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort in Spring 2024. This exciting addition for the 2024 season will be the resort’s fastest coaster yet, and will feature Team Legends and Team Allstars cars that race forwards and in reverse, in a thrilling duel that crowns a winner each time.

The £10 million investment for the resort is part of the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort’s ambition to create a world class resort destination of the future, and promises to offer visitors a unique adventure through state-of-the-art technology and a dynamic dual-track layout. The duelling coaster will reach speeds of up to 56km/h, and has been designed by Merlin’s dedicated Merlin Magic Making team in partnership with manufacturer Zierer to immerse thrillseekers in the world’s greatest Speedway circuits.

Helen Bull, Divisional Director at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, said

“Minifigure Speedway is set to get pulses racing when it opens next Spring and will be the fun seeker’s favourite amongst families. Not only will it be the fastest coaster at the Resort once complete, but it will also offer a uniquely exhilarating experience where cars race forwards and in reverse against each other to see who will be named the winner. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon.”

The addition of Minifigure Speedway to the resort follows an exciting period of expansion for LEGOLAND Windsor. Earlier this year, the world’s first LEGO® themed indoor golf experience - LEGO Adventure Golf – opened at the resort, offering four uniquely themed courses for families to take on together. The 2023 season also saw the arrival of the LEGO® Ferrari Build and Race interactive attraction, featuring three interactive zones; Build and Race, Ferrari LEGO® model, and a DUPLO® build zone.

In 2024, Minifigure Speedway will join the brand-new accommodation site, LEGOLAND Woodland Village, as an exciting new addition for the season. Announced in March 2023, the multi-million-pound accommodation will feature 150 lodges across its 10 acre site, designed to create magical memories for family amongst nature.

Legoland 2024 Rollercoaster Foundations Now Visible
Sunday 24th September 2023
Work continues at Legoland Windsor for the new 2024 rollercoaster, the new duelling rollercoaster currently has no theme or name but we expect something to be announced in the next few weeks as the construction for the new ride progresses.

Foundations for the new ride continue to be worked on. With the site having different levels of elevation it's hard to see towards the top but whilst riding Duplo Dino Coaster you get a great view of the site. Along with a view of some of the foundations towards the bottom of the site that appear ready for supports.

No track or supports have been delivered yet but we don't think it will be long until ride hardware starts to arrive. 

Legoland Windsor 2024 Rollercoaster August 2023 Update
Monday 28th August 2023
Work on Legoland Windsor's new rollercoaster is progressing well with foundations for the new rollercoaster being built in the compound for Lego Adventure Golf. The team building the rollercoaster are utilising the compound to build the metal rebar foundation bases before moving them onto the construction site to build the foundations for the new duelling rollercoaster.

Site clearance appears to be almost complete with ground pins for the foundations for supports for the rollercoaster spotted on site. the big drill previously seen is now gone meaning that drilling for new foundations for the rollercoaster could be compleete. No manufacturer has been confirmed yet, but we believe it will be built by Zierer. 

Legoland Windsor 2024 Dueling Coaster Update
Sunday 30th July 2023
Drilling and levelling for the new dueling rollercoaster has begun. Foundations for the new rollercoaster have begun and it shouldn't be long until we start to see foundations for the new ride appear. It would appear that the site is now split into 3 levels of terrain.

Due to the location of the new rollercoaster, it's quite difficult to get photos of the site.