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Voltron Nevera Opens At Europa Park
Thursday 25th April 2024
A brand new, action-packed rollercoaster awaits all visitors to the new Croatian themed area of Europa-Park with ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’. The innovative multi launch coaster from MACK Rides offers an incomparable combination of thrill, atmosphere and technology and sets new standards: Europa-Park's 14th rollercoaster features four periods of catapult-like acceleration up to 90 kilometres per hour, one of which backwards. With seven overhead elements, 2.2 seconds of continued weightlessness and the world's steepest launch of 105 degrees, the new rollercoaster not only sets new records, but also offers an intense and incomparable ride experience that is unique in the world.

The 1,385 metre long multi launch coaster winds its way through an authentic Croatian landscape and features numerous new ride elements. Light limestone, ruins, fragments of wall and a variety of plants, including an 800-year-old olive tree, come together to create a Mediterranean flair. The story created by MACK Magic is centred on the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, who was born in what is now Croatia and who ushered in the electrical age with the help of the legendary Adventure Club of Europe. This runs as a common thread through the attraction and themed area.

From a distance, it’s not only the 32.5 metre high rollercoaster, but also the two Voltron towers that characterise the now-extended silhouette of Germany's largest theme park. They play a crucial role in the comprehensive storytelling: Tesla’s groundbreaking discovery transforms people into cosmic energy by Tesla’s, moving them from tower to tower as lightning. Passengers aged eight and over and 1.30 metres tall can experience this adventure first hand with Voltron Nevera. In the station building, which is designed in the style of an old Croatian hydroelectric power plant and is used by Tesla for his research, alongside the classic queue, there is also access via reserved time slots (VirtualLine) and for single riders (Single Rider).

The innovative ‘Stryker Coaster’ rollercoaster was developed by the parent company MACK Rides. In just over two years of construction, the multi launch coaster was built on an area of around 20,000 square metres, situated next to the Greece theme area. Various trades and departments across the entire MACK Group contributed to the implementation of the attraction, which was conceived and designed by MACK One, thereby creating a unique overall experience. The attraction and storytelling, as well as the atmosphere and architecture, come from the creative forge of Europa-Park.

Voltron Nevera sets numerous records

Adrenaline fans can look forward to four accelerations (launches) and seven overhead elements (inversions). The steepest launch in the world, at 105 degrees, provides a completely new dimension of adrenaline rush immediately after the catapult launch. In addition, Voltron Nevera is one of the launch coasters with the most overhead elements in the world, as well as the longest launch coaster and the longest rollercoaster with multiple overhead elements in Europe.

Discover Croatia and Nikola Tesla in Europa-Park

In the first construction phase of the new Croatia themed area, the ice cream parlour ‘Sunce i Lavanda’ awaits all visitors with refreshing and tempting ice cream varieties. There, Nikola Tesla himself comes to life as a deceptively real animatronic, taking guests along with him on the story of his electrifying invention. The ‘Suveniri Nikola’ shop not only offers a selection of Croatian themed products for everyone who loves shopping, but also many other products related to the Europa-Park Resort. The Ćevapčići snack includes hearty flatbreads and cold drinks. In the new exhibition ‘Croatian Inspiration, visitors can find out all about Croatia's most important inventions and achievements in a playful way. In the Dome of Dreams, viewers can explore the diverse sights of Croatia in the 360-degree adventure 'Nikola Tesla’s Beautiful Croatia'. At the ice show "Surpr'Ice presents Energ'Ice", the athleticism of international award-winning figure skaters meets pure energy and electricity around Nikola Tesla.

Voltron Nevera Facts and Numbers

Beginning of construction: January 2022 (Construction time: over two years)Type: Stryker Coaster (Further development of the Big Dipper)Manufacturer:  MACK RidesDrive: LSM-Launch drive (drive with 'Linear Synchronous Motor')Number of trains: 7 (3 to 4 on the route at the same time)People per train: 16Theoretical capacity: 1,600 people per hourHighest point: 32.5mLength: 1,385mTravel time: 3 minMaximum speed: 90km/hHeight/Age: Target: 130 cm, 8 yearsConstruction: 142 rail parts, almost 300 stators (magnetic acceleration), 406 column foundationsTotal weight of supports: almost 500tSupport colour: brownRide elements: 30 different elements, a total of 4 launches (one backwards), 7 overhead elements (inversions)

Europa Park 2023 Rollercoaster Name Announced - Voltron Nevera
Thursday 10th August 2023
The new rollercoaster in the Croatian themed area of Europa-Park is called ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’

The attraction will be the highlight in the 17th European themed area of Germany's largest theme park, and one of the most modern and spectacular rollercoasters in the world: ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’ by MACK Rides lets visitors immerse themselves in Nikola Tesla's breathtaking experiments with electricity, providing an incomparable adrenaline rush. At a length of 1385 metres, the rollercoaster is the longest multilaunch coaster on the continent and holds the record in Europe with three acceleration sections. Mate Rimac, one of the greatest Croatian inventors of our time, is to be the cooperation partner for the new rollercoaster in Europa-Park’s Croatian themed area, with the Bugatti Rimac joint venture. The collaboration was officially announced in the presence of Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on 10th August 2023 on the island of Hvar, whose architecture and landscape also serve as inspiration for the new themed area.

Mate Rimac cites Nikola Tesla as a role model for research into electric motors and batteries in high-performance vehicles. Rimac's flagship electric hypercar, the Rimac Nevera, demonstrates an unrivalled combination of performance and cutting-edge technology. Designed, engineered, optimised and built by the Rimac team in Croatia, the Nevera has set new standards for the automotive industry. The name Nevera derives from the Croatian word for sudden, short storms, usually accompanied by lightning, that occur mostly on Croatia's Adriatic coast. The Nevera is considered the world's fastest electric car and the world's fastest accelerating production vehicle, having set over 20 acceleration and braking records. The Stryker Coaster Voltron Nevera will offer visitors the chance to experience a special kind of acceleration. The 14th rollercoaster at Europa-Park has almost 300 stators, which catapult the trains up to 90 km/h at four separate times, with one of those times travelling backwards.

Europa-Park and Rimac are connected by a common vision and passion for innovation, acceleration and perfection. As a result of the cooperation, Europa-Park, which has received the coveted industry Oscar ‘Golden Ticket Award’ eight times in a row as ‘Best amusement park worldwide’, is working with Croatia's most important company.

On this cooperation, Michael Mack says, “The cooperation is a perfect match. There couldn't be anyone better than Mate Rimac and his team for this, as the company is 100 percent authentic. It is important to Europa-Park to strive for partnerships that take place on an equal footing. That is why we are particularly looking forward to working together. This cooperation also brings together a young generation that thinks outside the box. We’re united by our entrepreneurial spirit, our passion for acceleration and our special relationship with Croatia. My wife Miriam comes from the country and as such has played a key inspirational role in the shaping of the new themed area. The fact that our new cooperation partner is now also from Croatia makes me very proud.”

Mate Rimac says, “The history of the Mack family is very fascinating to me. What has been built here over generations is incredible. The combination of Europa-Park and Bugatti Rimac fits together perfectly, as we are doing crazy things in the automotive industry and Europa-Park is doing crazy things in the attractions industry. This is where visionaries and top engineers meet, both striving to be the best in their field. For me, it is an honour that Germany's largest theme park will not only be able to show our innovations, but also present the rich history and culture of Croatia. In less than 15 years we have managed to build an automotive company from the ground up that has over 2100 employees and has realised incredible projects that are transforming the automotive industry, including the Nevera, the world’s fastest electric car. I want to show the younger generation what is possible when you put your heart and mind into it.”

In addition to Rimac Automobili, the Bugatti Rimac Group has also included Bugatti Automobili since 2021. There is also the possibility for future cooperation between Europa-Park and Bugatti Rimac beyond the Voltron Nevera. The new rollercoaster, which is also the first major new rollercoaster at Europa-Park in 12 years, is scheduled for completion in 2024. Visitors can expect a unique experience implementing the world's most spectacular and innovative rollercoaster elements. Fans of adrenaline rushes can look forward to four launches and seven inversions. The rollercoaster is the longest in Europe with inversions, and is ranked 6th worldwide among the longest rollercoasters with inversions. At 105 degrees, the launch is the steepest in the world, providing a completely new dimension of adrenaline rush immediately after the catapult launch

The construction of the Croatian themed area will follow after the completion of the ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’, with the first construction phase that includes the rollercoaster and station building already covering around 20,000 square metres. The station will commemorate the ‘Wardenclyffe Tower’ designed by the engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla, who wanted to use it realising his dream of wireless, long-distance transmission of electrical energy. Guests can stroll along limestone paved paths and through narrow streets while enjoying the traditional-style Croatian atmosphere. The storytelling for the new subject area was penned by MACK Magic.

In order to delve even deeper into the exciting story of the inventor Nikola Tesla, the new 4D film ‘Voltron 4D’ produced by MACK Magic will be available exclusively in the Magic Cinema 4D in Europa-Park from autumn 2023. In the 12-minute live-action film, visitors can experience with all of their senses just how the visionary Nikola Tesla, who came from what is now Croatia, developed a spectacular invention with the help of the legendary Adventure Club of Europe and ushered in the electric age. The highly exciting film, featuring breathtaking action and special effects, sets new standards and is an inspirational spectacle.

Factsheet: ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’

Type: Stryker Coaster (further development of the Big Dipper)   Manufacturer: MACK RidesDrive: LSM-Launch drive (drive with 'linear synchronous motor')Number of trains: 7 (3 to 4 at a time on the track) People per train: 16Theoretical capacity: 1,600 people per hourHighest point: 32.5mLength: 1,385m  Maximum speed: 90 km/hSize/Age: Objective: 130cm, 8 yearsStructure: 142 rail sections, almost 300 stators (magnetic acceleration), 406 support pillarsTotal weight of support pillars: just under 500 tonnesSupport pillar colour: Brown  Special features: Darkride section (after the station), a rollercoaster curve close to the waterRiding elements: 30 different elements, a total of 4 launches (one backwards), 7 inversionsTrack/elements: beyond-vertical launch (vertical launch with 105 degree inclination), 4 stator rows, inverted top hat, airtime dip and airtime hill, immelmann, special element: at a height of 32 metres the passengers are weightless (inverted stall), S-curve with transition into dive loop (trains rotate by 180 degrees), reverse ride with launch in top hat, banked stall with lateral airtime, ejection drifter, double up (final height: 20m), falling roll, cutback, final element: corkscrew (train rotates on its own axis and crosses two other rails at the same time)The longest rollercoaster with inversions in Europe (6th longest with inversions worldwideLongest launch coaster in Europe (1,385m)Launch coaster with the most inversions worldwide (7, tied with 3 others)Steepest launch worldwide (105°)With 3 acceleration sections, the rollercoaster holds the record in EuropeWith 4 accelerations, the rollercoaster holds the record in GermanyRollercoaster will be integrated into the 17th European themed area Croatia, which is inspired by the town of Hvar, CroatiaStorytelling: by MACK Magic, revolves around Nikola TeslaSize: 20,000 m2 (construction phase 1 without themed area)Waiting area: Leads through a courtyard and into a large hall with effects and animatronics

Europa Park 2024 Rollercoaster August Construction Update
Thursday 3rd August 2023
Welcome to the electric age! Europa Park is busy building its next biggest rollercoaster in the centre of the park. This brand-new rollercoaster has a top speed of 90kph and 7 inversions. Build around the architecture of Croatia this new area is looking amazing and during our most recent visit to the park, we got to see part of the theming for the ride be installed. One of the giant towers that will become a Tesla Coil was built in front of our eyes over the course of a week.

This rollercoaster is huge and photos don’t do it justice. Looking at the ride from the ground and high above from Euro Mir and Euro Tower you can see how big the ride layout really is. At the length of 1,385 meters, this rollercoaster is long!

No rollercoaster trains can be seen yet but it shouldn’t be long until we start to see the scaffolding come down around the station and see the ride test. Hopefully, we can get another glimpse of the rollercoaster being built before it opens in 2024. A date for the ride opening hasn’t been set yet. 

Rollercoaster in Europa-Park celebrates its final rail
Wednesday 17th May 2023
One of the most modern and spectacular attractions in Europe is currently being built with the new rollercoaster in Europa-Park. 15 weeks after the installation of the first rail, the track was ceremoniously closed yesterday. The final rail element, part of the ‘inverted top hat’, had to be installed 32.5 metres above the station building, marking the highest point of the 1,385 metre long line. Like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, 15 specialists from Ride Construction Service Worldwide GmbH have put together 142 rail elements and almost 500 tonnes of supports over the past few weeks. “Today marks another milestone in our company history. The new rollercoaster with a Croatian connection and an exciting storytelling from the pen of MACK One is a true matter of the heart for us and will surely become one of the best rides in Europe," explains Michael Mack, Managing Partner of Europa-Park.

In the coming months, work on the theming and the installation of the technology will take place. The new rollercoaster has almost 300 stators, which catapult the trains up to 90 km/h four times, one of which travels backwards. The system is manufactured by MACK Rides, one of the market leaders in the development and production of theme park attractions. The opening of the attraction is planned for 2024.

The new 360-degree film adventure ‘Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia’ in the Dome of Dreams gives a first taste of the theming and exciting storytelling of the new rollercoaster. Croatian scientist Nikola Tesla's revolutionary invention opens up a whole new method of travel, allowing visitors to explore the most beautiful places in Croatia in an unprecedented way. Guests can look forward to a new exciting cinema adventure in ‘Magic Cinema 4D’ from autumn: where the audience can experience, with all of their senses, how the Croatian visionary, alongside the legendary Adventure Club of Europe, developed a spectacular invention that ushered in the electric age.

First Sections Of Track Installed For Voltron Coaster
Wednesday 1st February 2023
The first sections of rollercoaster track for Voltron at Europa Park have been installed!

Posted on the Europa Park social media channels.

We have reached another #Meilenstein in the emergence of the new subject area #Kroatien .  With the assembly of the first rail elements, which are up to 12 meters long and weigh 3.5 tons, the new #Achterbahn slowly begins to take shape. 

First Section Of Track Delivered
Tuesday 17th January 2023
Posted by Michael on Twiter, the first section of track for Europa Park's newest rollercoaster has arrived at the theme park! 

"Very special delivery today at #EuropaPark! The very first track of our new #rollercoaster has just arrived from the


workshops. Want to see more? You'll just have to wait a bit until January 26th for a new episode of our #VEEJOY series!"

Croatia Area Designs Revealed On Twitter
Friday 9th December 2022
The first design for the new Croatia themed area have been posted on Twitter by Michael Mack.  

"I am always particularly delighted to share with you the works of art of our MACK Emotioneers artists at


! Here's what we're working on for our upcoming themed area: Croatia!"

Site Clearance Begins For 2023 Europa Park Rollercoaster
Wednesday 4th May 2022
Since announcing the new rollercoaster Europa Park has been hard at work to clear the site ready for groundwork and for the installation of the ride. 

The old balloon ride called Flight of the Icarus has now been removed along with the Mission Astronaut and the absolutely huge satellite dish. Which if you look closely parts of it can still be seen around the site. With all of the rides and theming removed, you get a great view of some of the Halloween mazes and signs for the park Traumatica event. 

The whole area has been levelled out with green and red pegs placed in the ground, we expect this will be for foundations and drilling in the next few weeks. A themed fence has been added along the path that lines the construction site, with some light theming also added to it. With the new ride having an electric theme, a fake electric pipe has been added to the fence along with some hooks. 

We've also included a few zoomed out photos of the area to show how much different this area is going to look in the next few months. 

We cant wait to see this ride progress over the next few months. With us being UK based this might be our only unique article about the construction but we will repost photos from other sites when stuff happens. 

Europa Park Submit Plans For 2023 Rollercoaster
Friday 22nd April 2022
Europa Park has submited plans for the new 2023 rollercoaster, this new ride will be similaer to Lost Gravit at Walibi Holland however the layout surgest that this new ride will be able to run upto 8 trains along with a long and crazy layout. 

The park is documenting the progress of this new ride on there media platofrm called Veejoy and is currently being disacigured as: 

Europa-Park continues to grow! Over the course of the next months, one of the most modern and spectacular rollercoasters in Europe will be developed in Germany’s most popular theme park.

New Rollercoaster At Europa Park to open in 2023
Thursday 17th March 2022
Europa Park in Rust, Germany has announced today teasers surrounding their new rollercoaster arriving at the park for 2023.

In an announcement made by Michael Mack on Twitter, He introduced us to the new rollercoaster as well as provided a link to a video series that will be shown on VeeJoy, A streaming service that features documentaries and films about the park and even a few series showing the making of, like the one linked.

The description of the video translated states the following:

"Europa-Park keeps growing! In Germany's most popular amusement park, one of the most modern and spectacular coasters in Europe will be built in the coming months. In an exclusive, monthly VEEJOY documentation, two of the makers of the railway accompany the construction in real time - from the vision to the maiden voyage. In the middle of the action, personal, authentic."

The video shows two men on the site of the soon-to-be-built new area of the park, as well as showing off snippets of plans, rendered footage, etc. and in the video they explain that they will do a monthly series from May.

From the brief footage and the still image of the series, it seems that the rollercoaster will be a Mack Big Dipper, the same as Lost Gravity in Walibi Holland.

From the description of the series, we can already establish the name or possibly the codename of the attraction/area.


Ω is the Greek letter Omega, however, is also a reference to the measurement of currency, ohms. The new ride will be built in a new Croatia area of the park and is expected to open in 2023.