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Legoland Woodland Village December 2023 Update
Sunday 24th December 2023
Work on the Legoland Windsor Woodland Village is progressing well, with more lodges installed in the old events field. We've also spotted some of the log cabins installed on the edge of the site. What sets this accommodation apart from the lodges at Alton Towers is that there are 3 different styles to pick from. A premium lodge, normal and a log cabin.

More lodges can be seen in the car park waiting to be installed over the next few weeks. Around the site, the building for reception and the restaurant are being claded and themed.

This new accommodation is planned to open on 24th May 2024. 

Lego Woodland Village September Update
Sunday 24th September 2023
Construction work for the Legoland Woodland Village in the old event fields is continuing. More lodges have been delivered and are slowly being installed in the field. Slowly but surely we're now able to see the lodges appearing in the village.

The new reception, restaurant and entertainment centre is now fully enclosed and ready for winter. The roof is now on and work can now turn to the inside of the building, building walls and theming the inside. New marketing for the Woodland Lodges resort has been installed around the park.

Woodland Village August 2023 Update
Monday 28th August 2023
The Legoland Windsor Woodland Village which is opening in 2024 is progressing well with more of the lodges delivered to the car park waiting to be installed over the next few weeks! The main building for the area is currently being cladded and made watertight. This building is expected to be the reception area, bar, restaurant and entertainment centre for the complex. A few of the lodges towards the back of the site have already been installed. It shouldn't be long until the lodges towards the front of the site are installed and more major progress is visible.  

Legoland Woodland Village July 2023 Update
Sunday 30th July 2023
Advertising for the Legoland Windsor Woodland Village has begun! A banner has been installed at the entrance to the beginning showing off a concept art photo for the new holiday village. Including some facts about the new accommodation, stating its 150 lodges, restaurant and bar and live entertainment.

The new car park for the Woodland Village is already in use as an overflow car park during the busy summer months. Looking at the construction for the restaurant and what we expect will be a toilet block continues. A roof is being installed over the main restaurant and check-in building.

But the most exciting part of this update is that the buildings/lodges that guests will be staying in have started to arrive. Off in the distance, we can just work out that 4 lodges have already been installed. With 2 currently sitting in the car park waiting to be installed over the next few months. It's great to see all of the detail of these new lodges up close being they are installed.

No opening date for the Woodland Village has been announced yet but we can't wait to see the area finished. 

Legoland Windsor Woodland Village Goes Vertical
Friday 23rd June 2023
Work on new accommodation at Legoland Windsor is well underway with work on the new restaurant and hotel check-in building now vertical. Bricks and foundations for the new lodges and cabins can be seen in the distance.

Work around the construction has advanced so much that roads and infrastructure for the new accommodation can also be seen from the car park.

With the addition of the Lego Adventure golf, it will be interesting to see what other entertainment there will be for this new hotel complex.