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Project Ocean Construction Works Begins
Saturday 4th May 2024
Construction work for Project Ocean the new flat ride in Forbidden Valley has begun at Alton Towers. 

A new construction site with black fences has been installed around the area. Site offices have been installed at the back of the site behind the Bunker 94 shop and early work on removing bricks and rocks has started. 

No major ground works have started yet but with the project having a 15-week timeline it won't be long until this new structure and ride shoots up into the skyline of Forbidden Valley. 

The story of the Phanalanx isn't over yet...

Project Ocean Plans Approved New Flat Ride Coming Soon
Monday 29th April 2024
Big news for Alton Towers, the replacement for Funk’n’Fly (part of the retro squad) has been approved. 

Project Ocean has been approved by the local council and Alton Towers is now free to build the mystery new attraction. In a new document uploaded to the council website, a sound survey has been uploaded where measurements from an attraction similar to Ripsaw were measured. Could this be the return of the mighty Ripsaw? 

A banner at the old refreshment stand in the path of Forbidden Valley between Curse at Alton Manor and Nemesis SubTerra could be seen last year. Has the return of Ripsaw been teased under our noses for the past year? 

The construction period of this new attraction is estimated to take up to 15 weeks. 

Alton Towers Submit Plans For New Forbidden Valley Flat Ride
Thursday 8th February 2024
Alton Towers has today submitted a planning application for the installation of a new flat ride in Forbidden Valley.

The planning application states:

“An attraction that sits atop a concrete structure that has an approximate overall height of 18m. The structure will house plant and storage on either side of an access tunnel that will maintain guest access within the Forbidden Valley area. Theming features will be situated to either side of the structure with queue line wrapping to the South and South-East.”

The plans for the new flat ride see the ride taking up the space previously occupied by the Retro Squad ride Funk’n’Fly. And before that... Ripsaw!

The last attraction that stood in this space was removed in 2015 and was never replaced. However, Ripsaw stood at 18m in height just like this new one states.

Could we be seeing a new version of Ripsaw installed? Maybe something similar to Talcon at Phantisialand.

If the plans are approved the new ride will have an underpass below it. This means that a new Ripsaw clone where you sit back to back would work very well.

The last new permanent flat ride installed at Alton Towers was Heeave Ho back in 2008 when the park opened Muninty Bay.