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New For 2024 At Drayton Manor Gold Rush
Thursday 4th July 2024
Drayton Manor has announced the name of its newest rollercoaster. Gold Rush: The UK's longest family coaster will be opening very soon. A new promo video has been released on social media advertising the ride and its story.

“Introducing Gold Rush

This summer is about to get EPIC with Gold Rush, the UK's longest family coaster! 

Perfect for thrill-seeking youngsters with just a 1 metre height restriction. 

Opening soon at Drayton Manor Resort!“

No opening date has been given however a VIP Launch for the ride is planned and has been teased on the park's social media. We cant wait to ride Gold Rush! 

Drayton Manor 2024 Rollercoaster Construction Continues
Wednesday 8th May 2024
Drayton Manor's new rollercoaster is looking amazing! 

Over the past few months, the park has been hard at work installing the track for the rollercoaster and theming the ride's huge station. 

Since our last look at the rollercoaster, a small building has been installed around the ride launch track. Could we be seeing a small pre-show before the ride launches forward or backward? 

Inside the station for the ride, a control booth has been built. A huge tower at the front of the station can be seen standing. However, unlike the rest of the station, this structure doesn't have any theming on it yet. Could this be a bigger theming element that has not yet been lifted into place? 

Although we're yet to see this rollercoaster test the car for the ride has been seen being pulled around the circuit. And it can currently be seen poking out of the mid-course launch section. 

The ride only appears to have one train at the moment but we expect a second and hopefully, a third train is on its way for the ride soon. 

No name for the new rollercoaster has been announced yet. 

Drayton Manor 2024 Rollercoaster Supports Delivered
Saturday 28th October 2023
Supports for Drayton Manor's next rollercoaster opening in 2024 have been delivered and are currently being stored in one of the car parks near the hotel. Although no plans have been submitted this rollercoaster looks huge! The area where this rollercoaster is going to be installed isn’t the biggest but it looks like this new rollercoaster is going to be massive. Labels on the supports appear to say that the rollercoaster will be spinning.

Over at the construction site, work on footers for the rollercoaster continues. On our last visit to the park a few weeks ago for Summer Nights, nothing had happened yet, but fast forward to today so much has changed. It would also appear that Drunken Barrels will be undergoing a retheme to suit this new area. We wonder if the Wild West gun ride will also receive some work over the next few months.

Exciting times at Drayton Manor!

Drayton Manor Teases 2024 Rollercoaster
Monday 29th May 2023
The construction walls around the old drayton manor Apocalypse site have been given a branding update for the new rollercoaster coming in 2024. 

The new posters tease some rollercoaster track from an undisclosed manufacturer which has left enthusiasts trying to guess who might be making the park's new rollercoaster. 

Apocalypse Demolished What Comes Next?
Saturday 1st April 2023
Apocalypse is no more! But what comes next? 

The removal of Apocalypse is complete and the site is completely unrecognisable. The skyline of the park has been changed dramatically but it leaves us questioning what's next for this area and Drayton Manor. 

It's believed that the Apocalypse ride structure has been sold for scrap metal as the ride was very old and was hard to maintain in its last few years of operation. 

Drayton Manor Apocalypse To Close
Thursday 6th October 2022
Calling all thrill-seekers: it’s your last chance to ride Apocalypse

Since opening in 2000 as the world's first stand-up drop tower, Apocalypse has been one of our most thrilling attractions.

But sadly, the time has come to say farewell to this iconic ride, as we pave the way for thrilling future developments.

We’re inviting guests to make the most of Apocalypse’s exhilarating drop during our spooky celebrations this October half-term, before the ride closes to pave the way for future developments.   

The gravity-defying ride has been a firm-favourite among guests for decades, and has amassed multiple awards including ‘Best Thrill Ride’ in Europe. Sending its passengers plummeting at a 54-meter free-fall at 50 miles per hour, the heart-racing ride is renowned for putting even the most dedicated thrill-seekers on the edge of their seats. 

The closure of Apocalypse forms part of significant investment plans for the resort, which will see expansion to our offering with exciting new thrills in the coming years.

To give the fan-favourite ride the best possible send off, you’ll be able to experience a real-life ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ when braving the ride after dark during ‘Night at the Manor’, part of our haunting new Halloween experiences for 2022. 

Managing Director, Victoria Lynn said: 

“We know how much our brave riders have loved boarding Apocalypse since it first opened 22 years ago, so we’re calling all thrill-seekers to enjoy one last chance to ride this October half-term!

“It’s always been such an honour to have the world’s first-ever stand-up drop tower ride right here at Drayton Manor Resort, and while it’s the end of an era for Apocalypse, we have big plans in the pipeline to expand our offering and make the resort as exciting as possible for our guests. We can’t wait to reveal our new developments in due course.”