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Alton Towers Oktoberfest 2023

Oktoberfest returns to the Alton Towers Lawns for another year of “Prost”, dancing and live music!

The popular event Oktoberfest is back for another year of drinking, fantastic entertainment and shows that go on an hour past ride close! That’s right, you don’t have to leave as the rides close you can sit back, relax, enjoy another pretzel and drink whilst the queue for the monorail dies down. This year's event remains the same as last year and is located in two areas, on the main lawns of Towers Street and a smaller more intermit venue located in the Mutiny Bay courtyard named Bierkeller.

New for 2023, Alton Towers have partnered with a local brewery to create their own beer for the event! Named Laugh and Scream Larger, you can buy this beer throughout the event and possibly into Scarefest depending on how stock levels go. We tried the beer during the event and quite liked it, it's full of flavour but all in all a nice beer! And if you go to Bierkeller you can get annual pass discount on it! Of course, all of the food and drinks vans on the lawns are external so you can’t get annual pass discount.

Grab a beer and relax on the lawns of Towers Street, new for this year there are more spaces to hide inside when the rain comes in and when the sun is shining and the lights go out there’s an awesome new neon sign advertising the event. Oktoberfest is an event that’s here to stay for many years if the park is investing in new signs like this.
There are some awesome new bits of merchandise for 2023, some new tops, and bears have appeared in the Oktoberfest shop on the field and inside the main Towers Street shop.

Entertainment remains a big part of Oktoberfest at Alton Towers, from the locals that roam around the area, the on-stage team and even more live music in Munity Bay at Bierkeller. Oomparty Band, Lebhaft Tanzen Show and Darwin are back for 2023, entertaining the whole family.

The Lebhaft Tanzen Show was our highlight last year and once again remains a firm favourite of 2023, the sharp dancing, great music and costumes are incredible. The one negative thing is the music for the dance remains the same as last year. Although because the talent used within the show is different to last year the show remains fresh!

Le Beat Party Band new for 2023, play covers of songs from the last 6 decades of music. All wearing traditional Oktoberfest outfits of course. We loved sitting back and relaxing listening to these guys, and their audience interaction was fantastic. Of course, if you don’t want to drink there are lots of fantastic food options around the Towers Street lawns.

Over in Bierkeller, there’s more live music and lots of cute photo opportunity areas. Oh, and a bar where you can get an annual pass discount! The Welcome-Out is back open for Oktoberfest.

Playing into the night the Alton Towers Entertainments Team have done a fantastic job making sure everyone stayed safe and had an amazing time. Alton Towers always seems to set the standard with Oktoberfest with later hours and the quality and quantity of entertainment.