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Fright Nights Museum 20 Years Of Fear

Thorpe Park

The first stop on the Behind the Scenes tour is Containment, the location where Thorpe Park filmed the promo videos for this year's event. With almost everything left in place, you walk into the film studio with the 20th birthday balloon still hanging from the ceiling, the desk left empty and all of the posters plastered on the wall were ripped up to make it more spooky. 

Previously this space was used for an escape room, however, with Containment being sent to the Fright Nights graveyard a few years ago this space has remained empty for a few years. 

In the room adjacent to the finale of Containment / the filming room, lots of previous costumes worn by actors were shown off. If careful enough guests were also offered the opportunity to try on some of the costumes. Some of the costumes shown off were from The Big Top, the original Amity High jackets, Walking Dead Living Nightmare and the dentist from Containment to name a few. 

On the walls around the room, signs had been installed outlining the history of Fright Nights, from when the event started back in 2001 with The Freezer through to 2021. All of the logos for mazes and how long they were operational could be seen on the displays. It's amazing to think how many mazes/attractions Fright Nights has been through throughout the years. 

A big part of the second room was about the process of the brief, designing and development of Trailers. As seen on some of the boards, Thorpe Park has shown the development of the mazes logo going from a simple design to what we have today. Each area of the maze pays homage to old attractions and mazes without naming them for example, Bozo's Playzone has the past references of The Big Top,  featuring easter eggs such as Big Top posters and audio playing in the scene. From Jungle Escape to Trailers the whole building was gutted removing all of the theming and walls to create a clean slate for Trailers. A small selection of photos showing the maze being built can also be found on the walls. 

After around half an hour of wandering around looking at old signs that had been brought back out, looking at old props and asking questions we wandered over to our mazes for our behind the screams tour. Two tours can be booked, one with just Trailers and the containment museum and the other which has Creek Freak, Platform 15 and a visit to containment.