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Thorpe Park

New for 2023, Stitches is located outside Rush and Quantium and is themed to a Toy Shop run by an evil woman. This is the first time Thorpe Park has built a maze in this location for a long time so we had high hopes and inside the marquee we were amazed! Every inch of the maze was highly themed, props everywhere and you could hardly tell you were in a tent/marquee. The level of theming inside is exceptional! Featuring special effects such as lights turning off and on, disappearing characters, strobe lights and a bungee! This is the first time we've ever seen a bungee effect installed in a Merlin theme park and it made for a great impact scare. This is one maze you must do this Halloween. Our favourite part of the maze is in the middle where a full-height building has been installed, when you look at the tent you wouldn't expect to find something like that inside.

You're first greeted by a toy shop worker who talks about her grandma and her toy shop before being sent into the maze to experience the process behind toy making. If you don't make the cut you will be sent to the rejects room! Which just so happens to be the finale, and let us tell you. You don't want to be stuck in there for too long. Creepy dolls are located throughout the maze, even Barbie and Ken made an appearance! With a Stitches twist of course.  Walking through the maze the attention to detail is outstanding, no inch of the maze wasn't themed. Our only criticism about the attraction was that some parts were too dark and we ended up wandering into staff corridors because we couldn't see where to go. The length of the maze is very long and offers the best value for money scare-wise. Some amazing scares and interactions within the maze, we can't wait to see this develop over the next few weeks and for it to come back next year.