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Survival Games

Thorpe Park
2022 - 2023

New for 2022, The Survival Games beings a new side of Halloween scariness to Fright Nights. This new maze isn't themed like Creek Freak where its main draw is blood and violence, the overall theme of this new maze is social media. When we first saw the video teaser for this new maze we weren't too sure what to expect but stepping into the maze for the first time on press night we immediately said “wow ok, this is cool”! You start off outside the maze where you are briefed that you will be touched by the actors but they will not harm you. Once inside the maze, you are put into a locker on your own or with other people - if it's a busy night. There are two sets of lockers, one on the left and the other on the right, each side has a unique start to the maze. However, you end up in the same main section wandering around for ages trying to figure out how to escape and win that blue tick. The first time we experienced The Survival Games we were probably inside for around 10-15 minutes, we kept getting looped around the maze with no clue on how to escape or where to go. This maze is absolutely huge and you can see why it's the biggest investment the park has ever made. We were so shocked at how good this maze was that when we exited through the secret passageway we couldn't put into words to friends and staff outside the maze what we thought. There are so many routes through this maze that it’s impossible to know where you are going. The maze was full of very talented actors who already knew how to work the room and get the best out of their characters. We've already done the maze 3/4 times each and we're still noticing new details every run-through. We can’t wait to see how this maze beds in over the next few weeks. The Survival Games is the best Fright Nights maze Thorpe Park has ever built! 


Survival Games is back for 2023, and this year the maze has seen some small changes! Before entering the maze you're now briefed in a different area to keep the front of the maze clear. After being briefed you then stood at the front of the maze where the actors ran out to grab you can take you into the cells. You're told before you enter the maze the actors may touch you and in this year's version they do! This year's version of Survival Games is very hands-on and more extreme than last year's. Where we don't mind that, it might be good to have a lanyard you can wear in the maze to me you don't want to be touched and manhandled like we were. Inside the maze, a few doorways have been covered up to make the maze more one-way and to stop people from getting trapped for a long time. The characters inside also appear to have more props to use this year! However, the biggest change to the maze this year is the ending. The ending has now been changed to include a chainsaw runout. This is much more effective than an actor with a hammer, there's now more of a runout aspect when you're getting chased. We absolutely loved the maze this year, there were a few costume changes but nothing big and noteworthy.