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The Terminal

Thorpe Park
Halloween Attraction

Thorpe Park has teamed up with a company called DarkVoid for a brand new experience called The Terminal. Advertised as an audio experience you sit in a pod with a set of headphones on and listen to a story with some effects that go off around you such as lights, vibrations (from speakers) and a slight breeze from a fan above your head. You start your experience as soon as you enter the queue line where staff roam around and say "May your rest be peaceful" setting the tone ready for your cryogenic space travel experience. You are then put into batching groups and put into a lift where you are given a glimpse of what the experience will be like. The lights turn out and your host remains deadly still staring someone in the face, not blinking! At the end of the lift the doors open your lead into your pod where you put on your headphones and your experience begins. Without giving away too much of the story you sit in "pod 98" and your guide tells you to remain seated and that if anything happens you will return to your body as if nothing had happened. Remember... watch out for space pirates that want to drink your brain through a hole in your neck. We really liked the idea of The Terminal, this is the first time we've ever done anything like this and we really enjoyed it, we wish that you could do this without having to buy all of the mazes.