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Trailers: Breakout at Bozo's

Thorpe Park
2022 - 2023

Trailers has been taken over by the bunch of superfans of Bozo and clowns have been spotted in previous films! New for 2022 "Back 2 Play" premiers in the super spark cinema, however this time the portals go both ways, meaning nowhere is safe. Trailers: Breakout at Bozo's has reopened in a new summer format, with the age range for the maze lowed to 8+ instead of the Fright Nights recommended 12+ with this lower age it does mean jump scares won't be such a big thing. However dont let this fool you, we still got plenty of jump scares during our visit to the cinema. Obviously the actors will read the room, see the age ranges and change how scary there are. We absolutely love that the park has reopened a Fright Nights maze for summer, and the fact that it's half the price of a Halloween run-through is great. However, we feel like for the first half an hour of the day the maze should be free to attract a queue and get people talking about it. We loved having a clown takeover of the maze, it was a great overlay and we can't wait to see what the park does next with this maze! Little changes were made in terms of theming inside the maze, some new carnival flags were installed in some scenes and new projections were added in the portal scenes.