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Black Mirror Labyrinth Officially Opens
Friday 21st May 2021
Black Mirror Labyrinth is now open at Thorpe Park Resort! Previewing to some celebrities and bloggers yesterday, the attraction was a big hit and was not what we expected! We loved it and cant wait to see it progress in the next few months and years to come.

An allocated time slot ticket must be booked before entry, this can be done by scanning a QR code at the entrance to the attraction. 

Enter the unnerving near-future and be absorbed by the UK’s first Black Mirror experience at THORPE PARK Resort.

This twisted, sensory-defying maze puts you at the core of the Black Mirror universe and it wants to keep you there…

Escape Black Mirror Labyrinth or lose your mind trying.

All of our updates can be found at the following links.

Walkthrough Video:

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First Look Inside Black Mirror Labyrinth at THORPE PARK Resort
Thursday 29th April 2021
First Look Inside Black Mirror Labyrinth at THORPE PARK Resort.

Posted in a Merlin Annual Pass email this morning we finally get a sneak peak at Black Mirror Labyrinth opening May 21st. 

"You saw it here first Passholders! Here’s an EXCLUSIVE image of the new Black Mirror Labyrinth experience set to open at Thorpe Park Resort this May… it’s going to be EPIC!"

First Look At Black Mirror Labyrinth Entrance Portal
Monday 12th April 2021
Launching Friday May 21st 2021, Black Mirror Labyrinth will finally be opening to guests after being delayed due to coronavirus. Over the closed season, Thorpe Park has finished the entrance archway into the queue line and added more signs around the area and on the building. 

The entrance sign for Black Mirror Labyrinth is huge! And peeking through the trees this won't be the only entrance signage. It appears that the entrance into Black Mirror will be the way that you used to exit the old horror mazes, fixing the silly crossover of guests. 

Vistors are set to queue in the old slammer queue line which also appears to have been repainted during the closed season. No more information is known about the attraction yet but we cant wait to experience it! 

Extra Theming Added To Black Mirror Labyrinth
Sunday 16th August 2020
White strips of plastic have been added to the top of the Black Mirror building at Thorpe Park. The attraction doesn’t look set to have much theming outside the experience apart from a large entrance sign and using the old Slammer queue line. More theming could be added during the closed season since the attraction has been delayed until 2021. 

Black Mirror Labyrinth Update
Tuesday 4th August 2020
As the 2020 theme park season continues without the addition of Black Mirror Labyrinth work continues behind the scenes with workers and Merlin Magic Making spotted going in and out of the building throughout today. One of the big changes to the landscape is the old tunnel being removed. Previously guests would enter a Halloween maze via a tunnel in the pitch black.  

Barriers Advertising Black Mirror Labyrinth Added To Front Of Attraction
Sunday 12th July 2020
With Black Mirror Labyrinth delayed until 2021, barriers advertising the attraction as opening in 2021 have been added to the entrance plaza to the attraction. Work appears to have stopped on the attraction, it's unclear if the attraction is completed or still needs some more work done to it.


First Look At Black Mirror Labyrinth Construction
Saturday 4th July 2020
Today is the first day of the 2020 theme park season at Thorpe Park Resort and our first chance of seeing the Black Mirror Labyrinth entrance and area. Not much has changed around the entrance area for the new attraction. 

A large entrance sign structure has replaced the previous Slammer ride signboard and the tunnel that guests used. to. walkthrough attached to the old X. / Walking Dead The Ride building is gone! After years of rumours going around that the tunnel was going to be removed it finally happened. 

Around the park, all of the maps have had stickers put over the "Now Open" to "Coming 2021" over the Black Mirror Labyrinth section. For some reason on the first day. of the park being open the dome was also. displaying a queue time board for the attraction! Something that was pre-programmed for the attraction to open but never removed before open day. 

We look forward to this attraction hopefully opening in 2021! 

Black Mirror Labyrinth Delayed Until 2021
Saturday 6th June 2020
Thorpe Park Resort have announced that Black Mirror Labyrinth will not be opening in 2020.

With the current climate we find ourselves in and the new operational measures we’re having to undertake across the Resort as a result, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the launch of Black Mirror Labyrinth to Spring 2021. We were so looking forward to showcasing and sharing this world first attraction with you, our guests. A lot of hard work had gone into making it deliver an experience like no other and we have no doubt that this will be an incredible addition to our line up here at Thorpe Park. Fear not thrillseekers, this is one experience we know will be worth waiting for! We can’t wait to launch it with the you next year! 

Black Mirror Labyrinth New For 2020
Tuesday 25th February 2020
Opening Spring 2020 at Thorpe Park Resort, Black Mirror Labyrinth is the world's first live Black Mirror experience. Located in the space previously occupied by The Walking Dead Living Nightmare Fright Nights maze, the attraction has a huge area of space to fit into and transform. We suspect that the route of the attraction will be reversed from the previous Hell Gate, Cabin in the Woods and Living Nightmare mazes. Starting what was the tunnel and turning right rather than crossing paths with people come out of the exit.

Get lost as you enter a hypnotic maze using cutting-edge visual technology and sensory-defying environments. Will you keep your grip on reality or will you lose yourself in the mainframe as this unpredictable digitised dimension reveals an uneasy truth that manipulates and displaces your very existence.

No opening date for the attraction has been released however we would expect the attraction to open around late March / early April time. 

With Walking Dead Living Nightmare gone, this leaves us one attraction down at Fright Nights. Where will Thorpe Park build the new big scare maze? 

Thorpe Park reopens to guests Friday 27th March 2020.