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Duplo Dino Coaster Opens To Public
Saturday 14th March 2020
LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort’s bigger and better DUPLO® Valley is now open to guests, following a magical makeover and the launch of the world’s first ever DUPLO rollercoaster, the DUPLO Dino Coaster*. The DUPLO Dino Coaster is the perfect first rollercoaster for littles ones. Inspired by a DUPLO Dinosaur, budding explorers will hop aboard a brightly coloured dinosaur carriage, before soaring past supersized DUPLO brick dinosaur models, 18 times bigger than if you were to build them at home!

Explorers of all ages (grown-ups too!) can embark on a voyage to discover everything the bigger and better DUPLO Valley has to offer. Children’s imaginations will be captured from start to finish, especially when they come face to face with 4 new giant DUPLO characters, including a 3-metre-tall dinosaur! The new DUPLO models took a team of twelve expert designers, more than two and a half months to create.  

Duplo Dino Coaster Prepares To Open
Friday 13th March 2020
Legoland Windsor reopened for the 2020 theme park season today. Giving us a glimpse at the new Duplo Dino coaster. Officially opening tomorrow at midday, the rollercoaster and area remained closed today for further testing and finishing touches. However, we got to take a look at the finished product and the first rollercoaster built at a southern Merlin theme park in a long time.

The ride car, theming and the whole area looks amazing! For such a small investment, we’re astonished what the park has done. The area looks unrecognisable when walking down from Miniland. The rollercoaster, although short, looks to be a great addition to the theme park. A great my first coaster for young thrill-seekers.

Throughout the day, work contuinued and a large Duplo themed giraffe was installed outside the entrance. When the ride dispatches, a beautiful little song is played from the rides PA system. Doing two laps of the circuit, the rollercoaster isn’t the fastest or the most thrilling, but we expect the ride to still get very long queues in the summer and peak periods.

The ride is restricted to a maximum of 5 adults and 5 children per ride. With one of the two seats per row being reserved for children.

Duplo Dino Coaster Construction Complete
Saturday 22nd February 2020
Duplo Valley at Legoland Windsor is getting a huge makeover for 2020, with the installation of Duplo Dino Coaster the world's first Duplo themed rollercoaster. Located in the heart of the bigger and even better Duplo Valley, the ride will be open to guests midday on Saturday 14th March! Take your seat upon the DUPLO brick Dinosaur and hold on tight as you soar around the Park. This dinosaur-themed delight is the perfect first rollercoaster experience for little explorers and even grown-ups too!

Since our last visit to the park, the rollercoaster has been installed and has been testing over the past few weeks. Theming has also been installed in the centre of the ride which we believe will rotate when the ride is operational. Theming and signage for the ride looks to still be being installed along with speakers spotted in the ride area. It is believed that the ride will run two laps of the circuit per ride.

Work on other attractions in the area also seems to be almost completed, DUPLO Valley Airport has been fully repainted and the Playtown soft play area is having some new climbing frame equipment installed. 

Duplo Dino Coaster is the first rollercoaster installed at a Merlin theme park down south since The Swarm opened back in 2012. This will hopefully be the first of many to be built in the next 5 years. 

Duplo Dino Coaster Lauches March 2020 At Legoland Windsor
Thursday 30th January 2020
Legoland Windsor Resort has announced when Duplo Dino Coaster the new family rollercoaster will open to the public. Opening Saturday 14th March the attraction is located in Duplo Valley in the centre of the park. The park isn't just investing money in the new rollercoaster, the some of the already exciting rides in the area will be getting a refresh.

Brickville will be renamed into Duplo Playtown, reverting to its original name before the area was rethemed back in 2013. Duplo Valley Airport will be receiving a fresh lick of paint. As we reported a few weeks ago when track was spotted for the rollercoaster. The helicopters will be painted in three colours for guests to choice from. The Duplo Valley Theatre will also receive a brand new puppet show called The Frog Prince. 

Legoland Windsor Resort reopens to the public on Friday 13th March 2020. 

Taken from the Legoland Website: 

In 2020 the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort will welcome you aboard the world’s first DUPLO coaster, set in the heart of the bigger and even better DUPLO Valley - opening midday on Saturday 14th March!

Take your seat upon the DUPLO brick Dinosaur and hold on tight as you soar round the Park.

This dinosaur themed delight is the perfect first rollercoaster experience for little explorers and even grown-ups too!

Plus, the outdoor play favourite Brickville will become DUPLO Playtown, complete with a brand new rocket play structure - budding atstronauts can climb to the top and take off with their very own countdown!

Families can also take to the skies at the new look DUPLO Valley Airport, with three new coloured helicopters for little pilots to choose from.

Don't forget the new puppet show at the DUPLO Valley Theatre, where The Frog Prince will tell the tale of Princess Money-Plenty loses her golden ball in the depths of a murky pond; ruled by an Evil Toad, before she’s saved by the heroics of LEGOLAND’s very own 007 - James Pond!

Duplo Dino Coaster Track Arrivers
Saturday 21st December 2019
New for 2020 at Legoland Windsor a new rollercoaster has been installed as part of an extension of the Duplo Valley Area. Named Duplo Dino Coaster, the ride is a small family ride built by Mack Rides GmbH & Co KG. Work started in late September this year, with trees being removed and the area being cornered off for site access. 

Over the past few weeks whilst the park has been closed to guests; footers for the ride have been installed, along with the op booth and the bridge for the ride. Although the ride isn't huge, the area is going to be dominated by this new attraction. The path into the area appears to have also been widened to allow for a better flow of guests in and out of the area. The ride looks to be the exact same as the one built at Europa Park called the Ba-a-a-Express. 

Track and supports for the ride are currently being stored in the staff car park located behind the Mansion, occupied by rides management and other staff. The colour scheme for the ride is bright colours with the track being bright blue and the supports a very bright green.

Legoland 2020 Rollercoaster
Thursday 15th August 2019
Legoland Windsor has applied for planning permission to build a new family rollercoaster in the Duplo Valley area. Located at the exit of Raft Racers and near Duplo Valley Airport. 

The proposed coaster would have a simple layout. Although the plans don’t define the manufacture or model we expect this will be similar to the kid's coaster at Europa Park called Ba-a-a-Express based within the children’s area called Ireland. Plans show that the ride will also have an on-ride photo and a photo collection booth. If it runs similar to show The Dragon’s Apprentice runs we expect that you will do two laps around the circuit. 

We expect that if the plans where approved the ride would be installed and operational for the start of the 2020 theme park season. 

Tree Clearing In Duplo Valley
Thursday 11th July 2019
Legoland Windsor appears to have been cutting down trees in the Duplo Valley area of the park. It is speculation that this could be for a new ride or attraction for the 2020 theme park season. Or if not a  new Food & Beverage unit.