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Explorer Glamping

Explorer Glamping was the 3rd on-site accommodation to arrive at Chessington, Offering guests a different overnight experience.

Rather than stopping in a hotel room, Explorer Glamping offers guests to stop in high end tents. The accommodation is situated between Wild Asia and Far East and because of this in park location Glamping guests are entitled to evening access in Wild Asia (With limited ride offering).

Rest assured, even though you are in a glorified tent, doesn't mean you can't have a good meal! The Explorers' Outpost Restaurant is exclusive to 'Glampers' who fancy indulging themselves in a all you can eat buffet.

There are two types of tents on offer:

Standard Explorer Tent:

The Standard explorer tent offers one double bed with two singles, Bed Linen, A mirror and a clothes rail, as well as free wifi and plug sockets in case your electronics are running out of juice!

Premium Explorer Tent:

The Premium explorer tent is for those who want a higher end glamping experience, it includes a bigger tent and everything included in the standard tent, however the double bed is upgrade to a king size bed and there is a separate sleeping area for children. The Premium tent also includes an outdoor seating area with furniture for relaxing in the sun after a long day at the park..

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