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Award for the best developments in virtual and mixed reality: The AUREA Award in Europa-Park

Europa Park
Tuesday 23rd January 2024

At the invitation of Michael Mack and MACK One, innovative entrepreneurs, experts and visionaries from all over the world met at the Europa-Park Resort once again. On 18. January 2024, the AUREA Award honoured the best products in immersive tech and entertainment developments in VR, AR, XR and MR for its sixth ceremony. Companies from Germany, the USA, Sweden and Switzerland were delighted to receive an award, with the highlight of the evening being the appearance of Mate Rimac, one of the greatest Croatian inventors and entrepreneurs of today.

MACK One brings together innovators from around the world

Who hasn't at one point dreamed of spreading their arms and flying through the air? One of the winners of the sixth AUREA Award has made a reality of exactly that, while innovative health applications and the 360-degree sound design of the new major attraction ‘SPHERE’ in Las Vegas also received awards.

The award ceremony, organised by Michael Mack and MACK One, once again demonstrated the limitless possibilities of virtual reality. Michael Mack, managing partner of Europa-Park and founder of MACK One: “I am impressed with the great innovative strength shown by all the nominated companies. With MACK One we are always at the forefront of modern technology and see the AUREA Award not only as an award, but also as an ideal meeting point for visionaries and developers from all over the world.” The next AUREA Award will take place from the 22. to 24. January 2025 at the Europa-Park Resort.

The winners of the AUREA Award

4In recent months, many companies and products were intensively examined by tech industry experts as part of an elaborate nomination process. The finalists presented themselves to the five-person expert jury at Europa-Park, who awarded AUREA Awards for the categories Innovation, Impact, Interaction, Creative and Experience / Immersion.

The jury was impressed by the Swedish development team Motorica, whose software allows the user to easily and intuitively animate a digital character using artificial intelligence. For this, the project was awarded the AUREA Innovation Award.

The Bavarian company brainjo received the trophy in the Impact category. The developers from Germany are expanding the possibilities of corporate health management through use of VR headsets, offering unique brain training that combines movement with cognitive stimulation. Their latest development revolutionises therapy for children with ADHD and combines virtual reality with simultaneous brain wave measurement using head-mounted electrodes, allowing the user's own thoughts to control the virtual reality experience.

By combining a state-of-the-art wingsuit with a VR helmet, Limitless Flight have created a completely new feeling of flying with the JUMP attraction. During individual flights, guests glide over breathtaking landscapes, which have earned the USA-based team with the AUREA Award for the category of Interaction.

PATCHXR uses the metaverse to fuse mixed reality with music and video games. Whether jamming virtually with friends or attending concerts in digital space, you are only limited by your imagination. The Swiss start-up received the prize in the Creative category for its development.

The German company Holoplot secured the award for most immersive experience for their complex 3D sound design for the new record-breaking venue ‘SPHERE’. The unique event location in Las Vegas celebrated its opening in autumn 2023, with a concert by U2. It is the largest spherical building in the world, with a diameter of 157 metres.

Award for young talents from the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy

Presented as part of the AUREA award for the third time was a sponsorship prize for students and alumni of the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. The jury awarded the ‘Fragments of Silence’ project, created at the Animation Institute of the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, with the ‘AUREA Young Talent Award’.

The world premiere of the interactive series CYBERCITY LOVESTORY also took place as part of the AUREA Award on 18th January 2024. Director Carly Schrader, whose final project is the science fiction production at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, won the 2021 AUREA Entertainment Award. The project was implemented in collaboration with 2112 Studios, a subsidiary of MACK One, the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy and Europa-Park.

Entrepreneur Mate Rimac speaks about his career

As the highlight of the event, the visionary Mate Rimac appeared in front of the AUREA Award guests to speak about his extraordinary entrepreneurial career. With joint company Bugatti Rimac, Mate Rimac is a cooperation partner for the new rollercoaster in the Croatian themed area of Europa-Park.

Despite many obstacles, the young Croatian has managed to successfully fight his way to the top of the world’s automotive industry in just a few years. Rimac's flagship, the Rimac Nevera electric hypercar, is an unparalleled combination of performance and cutting-edge technology. The Nevera is considered the fastest electric car in the world and the fastest accelerating production vehicle in the world, having set over 20 acceleration and braking records.

The Europa-Park Resort as a pioneer in the area of digital innovations

For generations, the Mack family company has continually reinvented itself and ventured into unknown territory. With Coastiality, virtual adventures combine with a rollercoaster ride to create a completely new experience for visitors, while the VR attraction YULLBE allows participants to immerse themselves in worlds beyond imagination. At Club Eden Manor, guests can experience an extraordinary MR experience using the latest technology, making Europa-Park the first and only theme park in the world with a mixed reality offering.

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