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Liseberg for those that don’t know is a theme park located in Gothenburg Sweden that is most famous for their Mack rollercoaster called Helix. Over the past few years we’ve watched the park grow from having not a great deal of rollercoasters, to the building of Helix and now the park is preparing themselves to build a brand-new B&M dive coaster called “Valkyria” opening 2018.

The park has lots of rides to suit all tastes of thrill seekers from the basic log flume fan, thrill rides and big roller-coasters that run close to the ground. The park has a nice collection of rollercoasters Helix, Balder, Kanonen (now removed) and Lisebergbanan. An interesting and strange fact about the park is that its wooden rollercoaster Balder, has a private bar inside the ride area.

Down to the big question of… So how is Helix and did it live up to the hype?

We watched the ride being built from photos and videos from the UK and it’s been our list of parks to visit for a while now and we have to say it defiantly lived up to the hype! The music by IMAscore makes the ride 10 times better, when you’re walking around the maze of a queue line and the music is slowly getting louder as you get towards the station it sounds amazing. And the ride its self, I think it’s the best rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. The ride seems to be the complete package, great music, great ride experience and the views you get from the ride are pretty cool.

Just like Merlin parks Liseberg is littered with pay to play attractions, however we feel like the ones in Liseberg are actually based on an element of luck! With challenge such as pick a number or group of numbers between 1-100 and if your number is called you win a stupidly big bar of chocolate.

Overall the park has lots of good rides, a few of our highlights has to be Lisebergbanan due to how the track looks, Screamin’ Swing because it’s basically Rush on a hill. And Kanonen which has since been closed to make way for the parks next big rollercoaster Valkyria.

Not only is the park beautiful but its easily accessible with the airport just an hour down the road from the park and great hotels and hostels in the area.  A few of the photos in the review show the amazing view we had from our hotel room in Gothia Towers.