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Altonville Mine Tours

Alton Towers
2016 - 2021

The ‘Skin Snatchers’, we call them. Outcasts, their whole family. Rumours are they lived in that old mine. It’s deep and dark and the damp inside gives you the proper shivers. Just recently some fool reopened it – for tours! Be careful: they say those Skin Snatchers have a secret too horrifying for words...


The residents of the Alton Ville Mine have returned for another year, this maze is now one of the longest-serving in the Scarefest lineup. Little has been done to change it throughout the years. During the 2020 season, the helmets were removed along with the blow-up dummies in the attraction deflated to stop touchpoints. This year the helmets are still missing but the attraction is back to being dark and with the dummies re-blown up, creating tight corridors and great interactions. You never know who is real and whos not! As much as we love this maze we would love to see the space reused for something else for next years event. Great costumes and actors throughout but this maze feels very old now.