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Amity High VS Lycan Thorpe Graduation

Amity High and The Lycans are back for one final year and it's graduation year! This could be the last year of this scare zone and Thorpe Park has thrown a lot of money into this year's flash mob and scare zones. This year's flashmob is the biggest one we've ever seen in the Amity area, featuring a huge lighting and special effects budget this year's show is one not to miss. After last year's love affair between students this year's show concentrates on it being graduation year for students from both schools. This year's music choices and dance choreography are so sharp you could cut blood on them! If this is the last year of Amity High VS Lycan Thorpe they've definitely gone out with a bang. We've watched this show over and over and are completely in love with it, if this scare zone was to be replaced with something new we hope it has a flashmob in it as its been something that Fright Nights has been missing for years and Amity High VS Lycan Thorpe has truly nailed it now! Of course the song Off With Your Head features within the flash mob, the park’s cleverly used a song from all previous years of the flash mob.