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Backstage Canada Creek Railway

Thorpe Park
1989 - 2011

Canada Creek Railway transported guests around the park, driving guests from Canada Creek to the Thorpe Park Farm and back, in a journey that took around 4-5 minutes each way. Located at the back of the park, the farm could only be accessed via the train or ferry boats. 

When built-in 1989, by Severn Lamb, only two trains were brought, however, to improve capacity a third train was brought in 1994. All three trains were identical, apart from the third train had a blue nose and the number 94 on the side of the driver's panel, the older trains had a yellow nose front to them and number 89 on the side. The trains can still be found in the park in a backstage area and one of them has recently been used in the Fright Nights maze Platform 15. 

When Thorpe Farm was shut in 2006 CCR was re-routed around Canada Creek and the capacity was reduced to one train and themed to a bear hunt. The track route remained the same around, looping around Canada Creek, however, just taking a sharp right turn instead of straight ahead to the farm.

The train remained popular for 2 years until it was closed for 1 year in 2008 for the construction of Saw The Ride, when the ride was completed the train was rerouted slightly again to allow for the new terrain. Reopening in 2009 the train then ran until 2011, due to declining popularity the park announced that CCR would close forever at the end of the 2011 season. Running alongside Loggers Leap, the train provided a great sit down for many guests and allowed you to watch people get drenched on Loggers Leap on hot sunny days.

The trains then remained sat in the train shed at the back of the park gathering dust. A few years ago we organised a behind the scenes tour with the park to go take a look at the trains and document the huge history of Canada Creek Railway.