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Birthday Bash

Thorpe Park
2021 - 2022

What would 20 YEARS OF FEAR be without a birthday celebration? NEW! Birthday BASH sees you invited to Hattie and Hugo’s birthday bash… but keep your wits about you, these are no ordinary twins! Don’t be fooled by the bright balloons and shimmering streamers – all that glitters is not gold. Mummy’s spoilt little angels have a dangerously devilish side… maybe you’ll think twice next time you RSVP.


Birthday Bash is back for Hatty and Hugo's 21st birthday party, and we don't talk about last year's party... This year's birthday party is very different compared to last year's performance, this year the show is a lot more story based but still includes lots of dancing and singing and the same characters that we all fell in love with last year. The show starts with the crowning of pinata and Moxi and Manu telling them that this year they will be safe from any danger and that they should sit down and enjoy the show! However, he should know by now not to trust Moxi and Manu. This year the characters of the area are more developed, but we can't wait to see how this show beds in over the next few weeks. The first time we saw Birthday Bash last year we weren't too sure about it and at the end of FN 2021 we were in love with it. This year the stage for the show has much more going on with more props for actors to use, last year the stage was very basic and the actors had more space to dance and sing. Birthday Bash is fantastic this year and we can't wait to watch it again and again.