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Black Hole

Alton Towers
1984 - 2005

The Black Hole was a dark roller coaster, located inside a giant canvas covered dome. It started off by taking passengers up a long spiral lift hill before plummeting down steep drops and around sharp corners. The only visible light came from tiny bulbs made to look light stars and giant asteroids which hung from the dome's roof. Riders were seated one behind the other, much like The Flume and Enterprise.

The Black Hole opened in 1984 and for the first four years of it's life, until 1988, it ran as a Jet Star 2 model. In 1988 the ride was adjusted to accommodate new and larger trains, and was re-named to Black Hole 2. However, this name only lasted a couple of seasons.

In 1998, when Fantasy World was renamed to X-Sector, the tent's canvas was changed from being yellow & green, to black. Sadly, in the year 2004, park management deemed the ride to be too expensive to run and maintain resulting in it's removal. Black Hole's last ride was on 5th March 2005.